Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rainfall of Blessings

It's Tuesday today. And I got NOT one but two more blessings and opportunities to be thankful and grateful for. When I opened my email today, this notification make me rub and blink my eyes, stare for a few seconds to see if this is really is it:

 photo IMG_20130917_134547_zpsd5016d95.jpg
Actually, my prize isn't the Sesame Street Party package. She just replied and inform me through the comment I made in one of her post which is the 1st Birthday of her son Juro which is themed Sesame Street Party.

Oh my! This is the second blog giveaway contest that I actually won. Thank you Ms. Jackie Go for sharing your blessings to us, your avid readers. It's her birthday giveaway by the way. Honestly, she's one of the lifestyle blogger I admire and support. She's a well-rounded person: a mom, a wife, beautiful, lovin' her height and the way she carries herself despite having tots around. She has the cutest husband too! (hehehe). Recently, I got engorged by the post she write on her son Juro's 1st birthday celebration. Since the youngest daughter of mine will turn 1 soon, I was inspired by the things she prepared for her pogi baby Juro. Her post gave me so much ideas for my 2-week preparation of my daughter's birthday. Anyway, you may visit her in her blog entitled, Go Jackie Go. Her blog got the new look too in time for her blog's second anniversary and her birthday. I'm lovin' it because of the green color. It's very cool and refreshing to the eyes.

 photo IMG_20130917_133557_zps4f5f79fe.jpg

For those who didn't get the blog anniversary giveaway prizes, she still has an ongoing giveaway. It's a lunch date with her. I wanna join that but I'm living far away from her. So I settled joining this contest which I am one of the lucky winner. Not bad at all.

The second and third blessing I got today is a blog assignment shared by my blogger officemate-mentor-friend. A great heart of her for being generous to me and knowing my desires.

Thank you guys for lighting up my drive and momentum today. I'll always be grateful to you for the happiness you've shared. #blessings #happiness

How about you? Have you shared your blessings to others? What impact did it made to you?

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