Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Supplier Hunt

Can anybody share and disclose where I can find makers of these here in Davao City?

 photo Photoballoon_zps95facbe2.jpg
Photo source here.

Saw this one at Ms. Jackie Go's blog, Go Jackie Go, post for her son pogi Juro first birthday. I really love this concept of a photo balloon for my daughter's first birthday. Sadly, I couldn't find a supplier that makes a super big one. Bigger than that in the photo above. I'm planning to have this big balloon for the piƱata (as a hot air balloon look), as welcoming streamer for the party place and for the cake.

 photo IMG_20130918_171811_zps9ea65df2.jpg

This is a gift from my officemate who visited Boracay recently. This one is a good giveaway idea for the kids. It is refillable as what my officemate told me. 

Anybody who knows where I could find them? 

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  1. Really nice ideas!! I hope you can find a supplier for those. :)

    REAlity Bites 


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