Friday, 20 September 2013

Struggle No More

Parents would agree with me that aside from kids getting sick that makes us worry a lot, it is also quite a struggle when it's time to take their medicines. And worst, most of the times, they will spit it out especially if the taste of the medicine is awful. Common scenes when its time for their medication would be a whole lot of crying and squealing episodes or they make you run and follow them, grab them and hold their hands as if they are kidnapped and force them to open their mouth. It's really a pity doing that to them. But I have to do that so she can take the medication and get well. So far I do not have problems when she takes her vitamins since she love the orange flavor of Ceelin.

Recently, she got sick. Her fever is erratic and usually around noon time and back around early morning for 4 days. Though her temperature didn't reach 38 degrees Celsius, I am still a bit worried. She start to cough so I gave her her medication for that. Again, I thought we'll be going to the same struggling episodes, but I was surprised she volunteered to take her medicine all by herself.

 photo IMG_20130920_072800_zpsdc8371e5.jpg

 photo IMG_20130920_072754_zpsa48c924d.jpg

So proud of her. She's a big girl na talaga!


  1. very good girl Mariella!
    kids learn well, if parents have learned in the first place how to remain patient and cool - 2 impt. ingredients of showing genuine love.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! I felt a sense of achievement. She already outgrown the fear of drinking medicines. But because it taste good for her..

  3. Awww good to hear that! I super agree with the running around thing and more than that, especially that my son runs really fast. Hehe. Hope your big girl gets well soon! :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. True! boys energy is different from girls.. good luck mommy rea!


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