Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rushing in Two Weeks: Nique's Birthday

My daughter's #1stbirthday is coming up in less than 3 weeks from now. I don't have anything realized yet. So I'm cramming with all nice but practical ideas for my daughter's big day. I don't want also to spend too much unnecessary stuff that will be useless after the event. My hubby and I had strictly imposed to stick on our budget for practical reasons. And I believe in that too. So I thought of #DIY-ing. My theme would be that of candies and lollipops. Something colorful, vibrant and cheerful yet the color not too bold with a touch of pastel hues. Good thing I came across Ms. Martine of Dainty Mom blog guest post of Mommy G of forty weeks and then some.

I am inspired by her theme she did for her daughter's first birthday. It's very personal, unique and fun. Almost everything in the preparations is her idea and made by her. See her post here and here for the invitations and her inspiration. Most of the birthdays or any similar occasions I attended is they use tarpaulin with the celebrant's photo and the event's details on it. I want to veer away from that for the meantime and make instead a personalized one. I still have the existing tarp from my baby's dedication and thought of using the back as the canvass for the wall design. Mommy G's wall design which her sister painstakingly made looks like this and this. Though the latter link is her creative idea and made for the dessert table, might as well make it too for the wall backdrop design. To further enhance the other walls, I'm thinking of putting buntings with my daughter's photos in it. It'll make sense right?Ceiling design would be something like this tooThinking of party favors for kids should be useful so an idea like this is something so brilliant. A #desserttable is becoming popular nowadays and I love how she displayed it to this Photography, I solely rely to friends and relatives who will be bringing camera by that time. I'm sure they will gladly share the captured photos to me and will ask for a copy from them. The cake will be sponsored so I'll be spared with that expense (hehehe...). Entertainment is to be taken cared of by hubby's friend (#Jollibee we'll see you real soon). He'll be responsible with the games and prizes. So the the major thing to consider for now is the venue and caterer which is very important. Though we already have in mind which caterer to contact. I hope we could finalize utmost next week for the real venue (cross-fingers! and wish us good luck too!). I hope to pull this off gracefully and successfully in my own little way. If pushed through as planned , it would be my first #DIY project for real. Happy Birthday anak! Papa, Mama and Ate Mariella loves you dearly.

Did I miss something out in my preparations? Please share a thought.

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