Monday, 2 September 2013

The Value of Being a Woman

Being a female is quite expensive to maintain and worth the investment. It is by this that I have to say, our value appreciates and depreciates through time depending on what specific aspect. I would say that our value appreciates as we age (talking about number of years) due to our own experience that makes us wiser, stronger, tougher, patient, complete and survivor against all odds not men would be capable of. I'm not underestimating men as they have their own strengths, as well as weaknesses too like us. To fairly address this and not to sound too gender bias, I opt to address here as a woman. Our journey towards our womanhood makes us priceless and incomparable. We bear almost all the sacrifices to complete a family. And to bear a child is beyond imaginable. We hope to age gracefully and beautifully even with the slightest of depreciation through the years.

This subject fascinated me because as I ponder on things base on my everyday experience, it overwhelmed me. Being a woman, you have to take care of yourself in and out. Unlike boys whose fashion sense and regimen is not that obligated. Yes they can dress way too tame than us girls. Don't you agree? They don't need to put anything on their face and  accessorize. As long as they are in their most comfortable get up and they look presentable, they're fine with it. Where as girls, beauty regimen and products that you have to maintain and buy in order to stop or slow down physical aging (girls are very particular with wrinkles). We update our wardrobe from time to time to keep up with fashion since we are visual creatures. We love it when we dress in new clothes. We feel new. We are freakin' shop-aholics. We can't help that. We adorn ourselves with make-up, jewelries (fancy and the REAL ones) that adds life as to how we perceive beauty aside from what's within. We are just born OC (obsessive compulsive). We love beautiful, neat and dainty things. We make spas, beauty salons, shops more richer because we spend in a regular basis for our OC-iness. We feel confident, empowered and beautiful when we take care of ourselves from the outside. Don't blame us girls. I guess men would agree that they adore beautiful women. We are their weakness. And they love it like that. When a woman becomes a mom, then our value appreciates even more. Being a mom is the alpha and omega for a woman. When I first saw my first born right after she was out crying to her hearts content, that was the happiest moment. I couldn't find enough words to contain my joy. I felt selfless, a sense of achievement and empowered. It is by this moment that life of both the mother and child is at stake. It's not a joke. That doesn't stop the moment our babies our born. As mothers, we have the responsibility to give our children the proper tender loving care that no man or fathers can give. There is a sense of warmth and tenderness that keep a human being in its peaceful form that only a woman and a mother can give. As working mothers, we make sure that even if we are away from them more than 8 hours a day, we see to it that they are given quality time, that our kids are properly taught and they are given the proper attention when taken cared by nannies. In our household, both my kids love to cuddle with me than with my hubby. They love to spend time with their 'papa' (Filipino word for father) when they love to play or stroll around. But when they want to sleep or just want to be hugged or want a peaceful solace, they run for 'mama' (Filipino word for mother). When they can't find me anywhere in the house, they always call for 'mama' even if I'm just meters away. They don't want me out of their sight. I think it's motherly instinct. I love the thought of it. Mother's care and love never tarnish.

Apart from the physical attributes that make us expensive creatures, it is the ability of women that we can multi-task in greater heights. We are a mother, a wife, an employee, a boss, a household helper, a nanny, a friend, a daughter, a sister rolled into one. I don't know how we do it. But we think we are superwoman. Inside, we can portray grace, calmness, peace, vulnerability, security, softness and patience. But when in times of despair, we can be tough and man enough to face the world. That's how our value define us. That we can portray calmness, peace and patience in times of chaos, love in times of rejection, warmth in times of coldness, toughness in times of violence, confidence in times of shame and disgrace and a solace where there's no other place to be safe and be at home to. A motherly love makes YOU.


  1. I like how you portrayed women as expensive creatures hehe. Nevertheless, I will always love being one!

  2. We can't deny it. We love beauty products and fashion. It's an innate character of us.

  3. I certainly agree. We are indeed superwomen! :)


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