Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Precious Wallet

For us girls, we have wallets in our bags with or without cash in it. It's a vanity thing too. Some styles do have mirror inside it. Even if it's kept all the time inside our bags, we too choose great designs like how we choose clothes, bags and shoes to safe keep our money, cards and receipts. This one is a gift to me by my SIL. I love it's color and quality. It's elegant and compact. I can keep my cards inside, a small compartment for coins and receipts. It's small but it can a house a lot. There are certain things I wanna tell you my precious one.

 photo IMG_20130911_092152_zps5d420158.jpg

Dear Gorgeous Wallet,

First of all, I am thankful that you have kept me company in richer and in poorer. Though a lot of times you've been in drought, hungry and thirsty, I'm still thankful that you keep and secured my life's blessings with no cost. Even if you are bloated and deformed with a lot of coins I put inside together with some unnecessary papers, I'm so sorry for taking you for granted. Please be good to me and please be generous too. Your color seems to be very lucky because of the redness you portray, but I think you are not 'that' lucky to have an owner like me. Nevertheless, I wish someday I can take care of you in abundance in return the way you took care of my small riches. We pray together that our Creator be able to satisfy our needs and wants in time. But, let's be thankful that despite some oddness, we are here surviving and living in this so called life. Let's stay gorgeous, pretty and fab!

Yours truly.

Your Equally Gorgeous Owner

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