Saturday, 7 September 2013

Christmas in September

Hello, hello, hello! Every time September month comes, I always associate it to Christmas because of the 'ber' ending months. I love the feeling of the holidays because of the positive and happy vibe each one radiates. There's something about Christmas that gives me a feeling of delight and every thing merry and nice. Maybe because during my childhood days, both my parents make it a point that we experience the most wonderful time of the year. We were not deprived of gifts such as toys, food and clothes in this season as its the only time we can be spoiled by my parents of such material things apart from our birthdays and some special occasion in between. We were made to believe that Santa Claus give presents to children who do good for the day. That only children with good deeds are rewarded.

Then as years pass by, I appreciate more the essence of what the season brings. To me, it means thanksgiving and happiness of the others apart and more from mine. When you see children happy, it makes you more satisfied and happiness is filled with more meaning to it. Christmas is for children indeed. Before, I could only be happy when the season comes because I would have new stuff, lots of food and all merry-making. But now, it's more on being together with the loved ones and thankful for the year that it was. Now, I would want my kids to experience everything that we experience too. It was a fun childhood I have every time my family celebrate Christmas. It was incomparable and it is the most cherished memories I have of my childhood.

Now, it's payback time. My kids will experience their most wonderful time of the year. Peace, love and happiness. May we have this in this holiday season and to start the new year right.


  1. Happy Christmas!

    Let me be among the first :)

  2. Ako din excited na :) It maybe too early to say but wishing you and your kids a happy one :D

    1. same to you diane. sarap kapiling sa Christmas ang buong pamilya


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