Monday, 9 September 2013

A Weekend: Not Your Usual Day

My weekends is mostly is spent in home. Call me a bore but I choose to be like that for the following reasons: (1) to rest from a 5-day work week, (2) to spend quality time with my kids, (3) to find something in the house that needs to be cleaned, cleared, organized and improved, and (4) to avoid unnecessary spending being the woman that I am. (Backgrounder: I've already declared myself a domestic diva ever since high school days. Maybe I was used to being a stay-at-home-person being a super obedient child. My daily routine would be that of school and home. That's it. I'm also a late bloomer being not too exposed to the real world. It's not that we were not allowed to stroll around the city but I choose not to. I love staying at home. Being outside means setting a different environment for a change.)

Anyway, back to the real stuff. As I was saying, last weekend was mostly spent outside the abode. The activities I had were the unusual kind. First, I met a relative which I only knew then. It was a happy feeling and reunion knowing you can't have it in an ordinary day. She's related to the grieving family which happens to be the funeral rites of her MIL. It was a grieving moment yet a happy reunion of sorts. Second, we proceeded to the farm of hubby's family. It was a refreshing afternoon despite the heat we experienced during the burial. What I love being in the farm is the freshness and relaxing atmosphere you can hardly experience in a city life. The breeze of the air is so natural and cool. My FIL said, during the night it is like you have a free airconditioner that you won't have to worry of the electric bill. Every time I am there, fruits are abundantly sourced such as these:

 photo IMG_20130907_160914_zps6acfef19.jpg
Fruit bearing trees such as Banana and Cacao.

 photo IMG_20130907_160410_zps1e2c06a8.jpg
Notice this shot? I wasn't able to capture the whole tree because of how big and tall the tree is.
It's an old Durian tree that ages I don't know when. But it really is an old tree.

 photo IMG_20130907_160254_zps08b68e06.jpg
This is the family's old hut. I'm shooting from the present house they are presently using. 

By Sunday, we went to my family's side. It is the 36th wedding anniversary of my parents and the birthday of Mama Mary (for the Catholics). It is indeed a fun-filled and blessed weekend celebrating life and not an ordinary day in a lifetime you can experience it in one great weekend. It is indeed blessings like these that we celebrate the bounty and beauty of life brings. 


  1. What a great day it turned out for you Donna, miss home and love seeing pictures of it. Enjoy.

    1. Hi Ms. Vel! Thanks for giving time to check on my humble site. I love your designs especially your newly renovated kitchen


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