Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pinkyicy in Wattpad

Do you have any idea what it is? For those who are bookworm and is into ebook reading nowadays, they would know. Here's an avenue of budding writers and book lovers in one great online bookstore. It's at In one of our family gatherings, my cousin who submitted her written teen romance fiction story, told us about this online site. Being the more older cousin that was around that time (looks like my generation is way too far already from them, tee hee), I was clueless about it. But the rest of my cousins were amazed by Pinkyicy's own version portrayed by our local celebrities as characters in her own story. It garnered quite a lot of views. As soon as I got into my computer, I searched for that site and onto my cousin's profile.

 photo IMG_20130905_100447_zpsebbbb161.jpg

Here are her works:

 photo IMG_20130905_100505_zpsbe5f0c2a.jpg

Wattpad is a community of writers and readers alike who loves to write and read as a hobby. This is a good venue for aspiring writers who would want to showcase their writing ability to the public. And for bookworms who can just visit a one stop book library. Accessing to Wattpad is very convenient and every kind of fiction stories you like, you may browse in there easily.

I am proud of my cousin. She's known to be a story teller in our group ever since in our childhood days. Everytime we gather around and eat, she's always the last to finish her share of food because she talks a lot and is our 'kikay' entertainer.

Here's the link to her stories:

There are various story genres you can find there. Who knows? You might be the next best-selling book author at all times.


  1. I love reading, really do. Got lots of books actually but am not much into ebook, I still love reading real books. old school eh...hehe. ;)

    1. Me I'm not much of a reader. Just supporting my cousin's hobby and interest. yes! I do agree with you. There's nothing more real than having the hard bound one


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