Tuesday, 18 June 2013

See you at the top!

It's good to be on higher grounds. It makes oneself confident in a positive manner. It's more on feeling grateful, humbled and honored when others acknowledged and accepted you for the small achievements you made. I am telling this because my blog, Sound of Life, is making waves and ranking 300 in the Top Blogs as of today and having a Page rank 2 for quite a while now. For this, I am thanking not only my readers (I'm positive I have  ;))) but also to the bloggers who inspired me on writing my own. They are many to mention. Here's a proof of what you have done to me and my blog.

 photo IMG_20130618_135444_zpse62267fa.jpg
Need to post or else di na maulit ang ganitong ranking.

This is overwhelming for me. As a newbie. this would be my gauge to strive even harder. THANK YOU TO YOU!


  1. wow... its really nice when your stats goes up. hehe. keep writing and very good job.

    1. Thanks to you! You're one reason why I'm heading this far. Not so far but far enough.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! You're part of my blog's success.


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