Monday, 17 June 2013

Patting One's Back

It seems easy to pacify other people who are in the midst of a problem, in sorrow, sad, depressed and all other words that is synonymous to what I said. It's easy to sympathize, give them a word, hug them, listen to them just to loosen things for them. But what if there's nobody to do it for you when you are the one experiencing it? Seems difficult right? Even if you knew what to tell others, the moment you are in the situation, makes it difficult to think on what to do. Oh how I wish its easier to do it than to just say it. 

Message to oneself: Hold on! Everything is alright. It will just pass. These are mere wake up call so that you will know what is right. Don't give up! Don't let anybody ruin your dignity and feel small. Stick to what you believe in. Acknowledge the pain and free yourself. Take off for a while and reflect. Don't say a word unless you're sure to spill it out. Find time to think things over and then decide and open up. Clear your mind with angry thoughts and fill in what's important. Take a breath and feel the air and positivity coming in your body. Think of your kids. They are your treasures in life. They are your ultimate happiness and contentment. Tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day! God make these little surprises to let you know He's always there. Do not be too complacent. Just remember how lucky you are.


  1. as they say, problems will not be given to us if we cannot handle it. just keep moving forward:)


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