Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Onitsuka Tiger: Behind the Fever

No! I do not mean the kind of sickness but a brand of footwear. Based on history, it started out making basketball shoes and is a registered trademark of Asics Corporation which I'm familiar with. Oh, well! I am not really a sneaker/rubber shoe fan though having one or two to own is enough to sport a casual and comfort feel and look. I do not have any idea when it comes to rubber shoes and sneakers except for those well-known brands like Nike, Addidas, Fila, Tretorn, Chucks from Converse to name a few. And with this particular Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger, I would never knew about it until our recent trip to London late of last year that my in-laws introduced it to us this cool brand of shoe. To think that its already making waves here in the Philippines with celebrities already wearing it. Why I didn't know?

 photo IMG_20150225_074119_zpsxhin6tqd.jpg
My one and only pair of Onitsuka Tiger. Let me tour you to every part of the shoe...

 photo IMG_20150225_074159_zpsyh8y0hb1.jpg
I love the color of my Onitsuka. It's very 'London' where I actually bought this.
Like the colors of the British flag.

 photo IMG_20150225_074238_zps7hyoob68.jpg
A closer look of its design. It's their signature style.
Pardon for the stain. How do I actually get rid off that stain?
Anyone? Please share...

 photo IMG_20150225_074221_zps5t4ki4ft.jpg
The bottom sole.

 photo IMG_20150225_074254_zpsktu7u2cn.jpg
The insole.

I'm so lucky to have bought a pair for around P1,300.00 Philippine peso. Wonder why it's so cheap? Because I bought it in one of the outlet stores located in Great Britain particularly in Ashford. If only I had the extra money, I would have brought two more for me and hoarded for my family. To think that the local price for that would cost around 5,000.00 - 6,000.00 pesos. Even if I sell it double the price here, it's still way cheaper. Don't you think?

The feel? Very comfortable and easy to walk in. With the color design that I chose, it can perfectly fit to any wardrobe color of my choice. But even if I knew about it, I might have difficulty owning one because of my personal reason: not practical spending for thousands of bucks. Browsing over to their website wants me to own one again. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Green is love too! A Valentine's day gift suggestion

In my previous post here, I've said that colors red and brown (for chocolates) signifies love. As we celebrate this month of February with love, naturally we love to shower our loved ones by giving them flowers in red bloom as it is romantic and chocolates in brown as it is sweet to declare our love in our own little way. Well not only those two colors, I would say that green would suffice the meaning of love too. Love for oneself, family, health and well-being. In this generation, we can be creative by giving them something extraordinary but meaningful presents for this Valentine's day. Let's give them green by keeping it healthy. Healthy in the way we intake food into our system by eating the right kind of food. For example, by consuming green leafy and green-colored vegetables as part of our eating routine.

 photo IMG_20150209_151359_zpsiqfmaqw0.jpg
Freshly picked bounties. You may put this in a decorative container
for a more presentable appearance.

Aren't they glorious and refreshing? Big chunk of tomatoes, japanese cucumbers and three heads of lettuce. Crisp, juicy, hydrating not to mention it costs way cheaper than flowers and chocolates and with more health benefits to add. I'm not saying that I don't like receiving flowers and chocolates from the ones you loved. Who wouldn't? Just saying that if you have limited budget thinking what you could give to your loved ones this Valentine's day, here's one suggestion for a change. Why not? It sure is healthy and your loved ones would think that you are concern too of their well-being not just a commercial stuff Valentine's day nowadays has to offer. 

 photo IMG_20150209_191244_zpsqys90ban.jpg
My dinner yesterday which I prepared for the household to share.
This is served with grilled tuna belly and squid. Yum!

 photo IMG_20150209_193202_zps1xztxvwr.jpg
These are the dips I have. But I mixed my salad with
Sesame dressing and Parmesan cheese to add flavor to my greens.

For those who are clueless yet of what to give to their loved ones, now here's what I can share. Head now to your nearest market and pick up the freshest and healthiest green bounties that you could give to your loved ones. It's something personal and more meaningful because it goes out with all the love and effort you did. 

Happy Valentine's day to y'all! Cheers to love and well-being! 

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Red Door

Hello loves! What a great month to start with. It's already February and we're nearing half of it which means Valentine's day is almost around the corner. They said that love month is synonymous to red color, red roses, red wine and the like. But now, we can say that brown color is so much related to the love month because of the chocolates. Yeah! Why not?

Well, I'm not talking yet about my family's plans for this year's Valentine's day. But it's kind of something symbolic because of the new color of our house's main door, which is red #crimsonred (and brown for our screen door). 

 photo IMG_20150208_123736_zpsefijavtr.jpg
Our new main door.

What inspired me to color our main door with red was when we travelled to London last October 2014 with my hubby. In London, the hues of red, blue and green are the main colors of their front doors. And I fell in love with it. That gave me the idea to color it like that because it gives a rich and striking accent to the plain and simple facade of our house. Before that, I was already eyeing the door color of #MsDaphne house. From then on, I told myself, in time I will have our door painted in red too. Me thinks it's so chic and grabs attention to everyone. Don't you think? The only problem I have with our door is it cannot be noticed right away because our screen door which is colored brown blocks the sight of it. Anyhow, it's still okay as long that it's colored red which symbolizes luck for Chinese.

 photo IMG_20150208_123812_zpsak1fyoa5.jpg
It's Chinese New Year too! Just timely to have it painted in red.

The reason for changing our door is not just because we just want to (inspired with London's red door). Our door has been broken already at the middle part because of wear and tear. It's been a decade already. And the carpenter of our new door told us that aside from wear and tear, the wood quality actually is not really sturdy. We started have it made last year pa (end week of December 2014). But the painter is not available and the paint of this is not the ordinary one. It is auto-finished (the one used in automobiles). And it's quite expensive huh! But I guess it's all worth the wait (more than a month) and the hefty price tag (the paint alone). It is polished, smooth to touch and also easy to clean. We just use a dry flannel cloth and just wipe it to the entire door. Squeaky clean in an instant! I love how it turned out.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423447715818_zpsgouq9uj4.jpg
My li'l helper. She patiently hold the door for me to take photos
with side comments that mosquitoes already kept biting and
hanging out on her legs...

Cheers to love, life, new year and… new door!!!

Friday, 30 January 2015

I cannot wait...

 photo 10940507_10152597491415686_7763729428202890750_n_zpsntvc9nap.jpg
Goofing while waiting for lunch time to tick.

 photo IMG_20150130_153229_zpsajfmueua.jpg
We love it striped! My office mate for a week.

I remembered my childhood days when me and my sister dressed up alike like we are twins. We have the same clothes design yet varied in color, same shoes, same hair style and so on. Now, I can relate and understand how my mother enthusiastically prepare us for any occasion or event in school, planning on what dress we're going to wear. Or how she carefully do our hairstyle and make-up. As a parent, we are proud if people admires our kids, right? Don't misinterpret me. I don't mean having a boy is not equally fun. I am a mother of two adorable girls. Dressing them up is so much exciting and I love to experiment fashion stuff worn with them. Now that my older daughter is almost 4 years old, I enjoy now bringing her along with me without so much hassle. I love tagging her along with me if I want to stroll in the mall or go somewhere going for my errands. She's now particular on what to wear and I find that challenging too because it gives me the thrill also of finding my OOTD that coincides with her outfit.

The more my daughter grows up, the more I'm eager to find time to spend it with her because she has so many things to share and tell. No more secrets for her because what she sees during the day, she already tells it to us. She going to school (pre-kinder) this coming school year and that makes me more excited and thinking of what shoes, or bag, or lunch box I'm gonna have for her. The youngest one is still too young and I, too, look forward on that day that the 3 of us share each other's likes about anything stuff that girls only understand. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The #PopeFranciseffect in the Philippines: My Thoughts

Over the weekend, millions of Filipinos (mostly Christian Catholics) gathered in the much anticipated 5-day visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. As early as last year, Filipinos are eagerly awaiting and preparing for his arrival. Not everyone is privileged enough to visit the Vatican City as it cost thousands of bucks to get there or to have a (if you're lucky enough) glimpse of him in the city. But with the news of the coming of the Pope, everyone was given high hopes and spirits to see him in person as a once in a lifetime experience one could get including myself. I may have a big chance to visit Rome but for the majority which is the poor, it is quite impossible. So on January 15, 2015 at around past 5 in the afternoon, everyone is in festive mood (as it is also the celebration of the feast of Sto. Niño) to welcome him. It marked the most awaited day for all Roman Catholics in the Philippines after the last time Pope John Paul II visited the country in almost a decade. Good thing that the Philippine Government declared it a long-holiday (only at the National Capital Region) for our countrymen to be able to witness and be with the Pope in this memorable event in Catholic church. I believe that it is a timely event as it is the start of the new year, to bring hope and reflection for each and everyone of us. As new year's resolutions brings guide for a better life ahead each year, Pope Francis' message at the start of the year is truly moving, inspiring, a blessing, enlightening and leave each and everyone of us feeling recharged and immensely cleansed with God's divine intervention and immeasurable love for us overflowing through Pope's presence and through each Filipino's story as told. 

A lot of opinions though came to life because of differences in religion and belief. One thing is very important over all ideals and beliefs is towards our faith. Where are we being God's shepherd here on Earth? We should be deliverers of God's Word to see, to feel and to do good for our brothers and sisters who are the less fortunate in life. We are so quick to judge, to conclude and righteous in our own beliefs, in the religion we belong and yet we are showing ungodly practices. We pray, hear mass, involved in our church's activities and yet we are the opposite of what our Lord wants us to be. The Word of God that Pope Francis shared to us is clear that we need mercy, compassion, love to be good stewards of God's heaven on Earth. Whatever religious congregation we belong, as long as we are delivering what is expected of us, then we are making our God happy. It is not about the physical statues nor the presence of human persons like Pope Francis that we worship per se, but how these saints and people that God send as medium or instruments to make us realize that God is in us, with us every step of our way. Their ways are truly inspiring and worth following. Sure, they have there own mistakes and sins, but more so they have made a big difference in serving the Lord our God in their own little ways. That we should not forget God as our Savior, our Redeemer, our Salvation in the hope when everything is faltering. The unwavering love, hope, compassion and mercy is what Pope Frances emphasizes God wants us to remember and put to heart. It is not God equals Pope Francis but like God, Pope Francis wants us to be aware that we should not lose hope, lose faith and lose ourselves for God is right there. 

I believe that one must also respect one's religious belief. If you are serving the Lord in ways that He wants you to see, feel and do, then you are in the right path. No need to argue about who's better. It is just sad that people are so into religion where in fact religion does not save you. It's your faith and your character will define how you are to our Creator, our Redeemer and Savior. In parting words, I hope that with the visit of Pope Francis we are touched with the message it delivered. It's some sort of a retreat that we have reflected upon, come to terms with ourselves to our Lord and how God has touched our soul, our heart and mind silently. #popefrancisPH

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy Notes for 2015

I want to start off this year feeling good, new and positive. Why? Because I wanted to carry on the positive vibes 2014 has started out for me and my family. The yuletide season for us as a family brought good tidings and blessings in unexpected way. Blog winnings left and right, UK visa approved, London trip with my hubby, visited my brother and brother-in-law's family in London, my first nephew was born, my kids all healthy and the rest of my family too, blessed with an abundant and productive farm and a so-called "promotion" as the closing salvo. In between, there may be challenges and mishaps but all these are more than enough than we expected. It has been a wonderful and blessed year to start off and I'm more than grateful enough for the year 2014 that God has provided my family. It is truly a rewarding year that I'll always wish that the coming year will be as great as the previous one. I'll not expect more than enough but the best and I know God will always be fair enough to grant our heart's desires in which He think we deserve. 

Definitely, this year is gonna be my year (I'm born under the year of the sheep) and I'm gonna claim it in God's greater glory. Amen!

Monday, 29 December 2014

As the year 2014 ends, let me welcome 2015 (the year of the sheep)

My long absence speaks for itself. It's Christmas and a lot of merry-making that kept me busy and silent here in my blog. I'm so thrilled for the coming year yet looking back and reminiscing the year that was. 2014 for me has been a marvelous one full of surprises and blessings (in small and big packages) that was least expected. And I'm so overjoyed, grateful for the year not only for the opportunities, experiences, material/financial things that has given to me and my family but also for the people that God let me encounter. In one way or another, it has its share of lows but in general it has been good and gratifying because it's more on the positive rather than the opposite.

I am looking forward to the coming year 2015 because it will be my year. I am born in the year 1979 and 2015 will be the year of the sheep. As Pope Francis said he is hopeful that the coming year will be full of tenderness and peace as what the character traits of a sheep are. What I'll be more cautious this start of the year and I will be taking care more of is my health. I promise to see my OB-Gyne for a pap smear (it is already due almost 4 years ago). I haven't seen my OB-Gyne doctor after my second pregnancy last 2012 and a pap smear is a must and due. My latest annual executive physical check-up result is not okay. My uric acid and creatinine levels showed high range values above the normal range. Three months ago my blood pressure level went up too (not my normal reading) and my IM (Internal medicine) doctor gave me medicine just in case my blood pressure will shoot up again. I'm not in the stage yet that I'm doing it as a maintenance medicine (God forbids). But so far, the result of my bad cholesterol is positive and okay. I won't take any chances. It is better to be safe and early detection is really a cure. I really wish that I am okay and I will be more cautious now in my lifestyle and make it healthier not only for myself but for my family most especially for my two girls.

I wish the same for you my fellow bloggers that we keep ourselves healthy for a longer life, longer journey to enjoy life more and experience God's gifts in different ways. Good health is the best gift we can give to ourselves. I wish you prosperous new year and a fruitful 2015 ahead. Till next year guys...ciao!