Monday, 22 June 2015

The Wonders of Having Great In-Laws

After reading Fleur's post here of Mommy Fleur blog, I therefore say I AM SO PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE LUCKY FEW. One of the best or shall I say an endearing trait which  all they have in common is their sincerity and they have big, fat and generous hearts. As in! Nakakataba talaga ng puso. Honestly, my husband's family side are not well-off. But despite their status in the society, they are as if they have more to share. I've witnessed how they are so selfless not only to their relatives but to other people whom they considered a family. Nakakahiya maging selfish when you are with them. Actually it's really inspiring to be one; to be more on a giver than a receiver. Because everything good follows when you do good to others diba? Domino effect kung baga. There's so much joy and fulfillment when you give.

The second best thing I love about my second family is that they are so humble, down-to-earth people. Nakakahiya again to be a braggart. They have been blessed with so much especially now that my husband and his two other siblings are very successful in their respective career paths and family. The two of them are working outside Philippines and my parents-in-law had the privilege already of travels in Europe pa talaga. Kasama na din kami sa nabigyan ng opportunity to tour London last year.

Third and definitely not the least, what's admirable about their character is that they have a deep and solid relationship with our Lord. Their faith is immense and when they worship sagad sa puso. It is their profound trait that shows how they are a person to others. Nakakahiya na maging passive lang with our faith and to just take for granted the power of what prayer can do. Personally, it inspires one to do our obligation (in a good way) to our God. I say obligation in a good way because it should not be a forced one. It should be done with an open heart. And that we should also pray to God that He may open our heart and mind to His wisdom and a spirit that is always in gratitude. 

 photo 20150620_110220_zpsl296rxfk.jpg
I am so blessed having this people in my life (missing in the photo are my BIL and SIL,
sibs of my husband). 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

#OOTD: School Year 2015-2016

There is no stopping now. She is already a legit school girl. I cannot contain my excitement as my daughter all dolled up on her first day of school last Monday. Of course, I don't want to miss her first two days in school that is why I took a leave from work in order to know how is its situation from the time the school open its gates for the pre-schoolers until they are dismissed from their 3-hour class. (On the first day, parents and guardians were allowed to enter the school premises. But on the second day, they already implemented their rules on NO ENTRY for visitors/ parents/or guardians. The part on NO ENTRY for parents or guardians of pre-schoolers, I'm kind of half-hearted on this because as a toddler, they don't know yet how to look over on their things especially if it's packing up time. On her second day, she already lost her eraser. Oh geez!). I am proud of my daughter. Without hesitation and with a sheer of guts and confidence, she willfully went inside and placed her things inside their provided cabinets and took her seat with the assistance of her teacher. I am thankful that somehow we taught her independence early on in little ways. Unlike her other classmates who were shy, refused to enter inside the classroom while others were wailing and clinging to their mothers and fathers. On the second day, she seemed confident enough because we just let her go by herself inside the campus and managed to enter her classroom.

 photo IMG_20150609_074537_zpsbpwcprns.jpg
Second day #schoolOOTD:
Dress -Tommy Hilfiger (℅ cousin Sam including the backpack and lunch box);
 Shoes -Payless Shoe Source (a Christmas gift from her Mommy La);
Socks -Mother Care

 photo IMG_20150611_074654_zpszlr6fxm6.jpg
Fourth day of #schoolOOTD:
Dress -(SIL 'pasalubong' from London);
Shoes -Chicco (got it on sale at SM around Php400.00);
Socks -Burlington

I can't wait until she will wear her official school uniform. She's excited and so am I (*wink insert*). #mommyduties #schooluniform #schoolyear2015-2016 #motherofaschoolgirl

Going Local

Instead of hiring a large company to do a remodeling job, consider hiring a local remodeling contractor. You will be helping your community, and there are a few benefits for yourself when you hire locally. 

The contractor will often have ties to the community. Most will know the businesses that sell the items that will be needed to complete the remodeling project. He can sometimes get discounts where a contractor for a larger company might not be able to get a lower price and could even charge more money because it's a larger business. 

When you hire a contractor, you won't have to worry about dealing with the other workers who will be needed for the job. The contractor will oversee the job and make sure there are professionals who can do the plumbing, electrical, painting and other work. This is a person who will listen to what you want to have done. It's your home, and this is taken into consideration with the design as well as any extra details that you want to include. Since you only have to tell the contractor what you want, it can take a burden off of you through the remodeling. 

Local contractors usually won't have to travel long distances to get to your home. This means the job can sometimes begin earlier in the day, and the contractor can sometimes stay longer in the afternoon. The job will often take a shorter amount of time to complete with the added time dedicated to the project. Most local contractors won't charge as much as companies from another city because they don't have to use as much gas in a vehicle getting to the location. Word of mouth referrals often travel far in your own town, so you will likely be able to find more people who have used the contractor for work.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Around the World with these Things

Now, I understand how it feels not to be connected. One week without/limited internet access is like being sent to outer space and have no/limited contact with the real world. But thank Heavens for the free 30MB connection of Sun. I can browse and check my FB and IG page yet very limited. But it's better than no connection at all.

Okay back to the real topic. Last night, I went with hubby to buy piping materials to replace our leaking toilet sink at Wilcon Builder's Depot. While browsing the lanes/racks, my eyes directed me to this corner and with such delight, I couldn't help but take photos instantly. I don't know if it's not allowed but I snapped anyway. Thankfully, nobody called my attention. So here are the things I saw and would love to have for my home decor.

 photo IMG_20150602_181535_zpso5tjywa2.jpg
Aren't they glorious? Anything related to Europe are my 'in' -style now.

 photo IMG_20150602_181549_zpseg1sm5u7.jpg
How do you call this cases? I love these for storage.
The small ones are around Php600.00 and the bigger cases
is about Php900.00++

 photo IMG_20150602_181654_zpshdhemfeh.jpg
The one with the British flag design is like a book.
But ones you open it, you may store stuff like cards/letters or
jewelries (sans division).

 photo IMG_20150602_181731_zpsdtkhc8xi.jpg
London's Tower Bridge.
Not exactly the way it looked minus the British flag at the center.

 photo IMG_20150602_181625_zps4fapvgil.jpg
This really caught my attention. I love these beautiful storage chests.
I've been looking around for something like this and put it in our living room.
I like it as a side or center table. This cost around Php2,000.00.

That's all folks! Did you enjoy my new discoveries? I still want the storage chest but I'm afraid my toddlers would write anything on it. You should see our walls full of pencil scribbles. That's why I couldn't buy anything yet to further beautify our inside. It might cost me a lot. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Are you Ready for School?: Back to School 2015 edition

Summer is almost over. In a few more days, school year 2015-2016 will officially begin. Oh hello traffic and morning rush! And as expected, our daily morning grind this year will definitely change as my 4 year old daughter will be going to school. Hooray! I'm really looking forward to this milestone of my li'l one as it will be her first time to enter school. She will skip Nursery and proceed to Kinder 1 (or Pre-Kinder) because of her age. I see her very excited as much as I am. I enrolled her as early as April to make sure she'll be in the morning slot (from 8:30 until 11:30). In her school-to-be, each class (particularly in her level), will be limited to only 15 kids. I liked that they narrowed it to that number so that they can be monitored by their teacher properly. And dealing with toddlers can be really tiring when tantrums and hyper-activeness strikes. We are not talking about 1, 2 or 5 children here, but 15 kids with different personalities. (As a backgrounder, the school that I enrolled her in is in its 2nd year of operations only. Before enrollment, I already went there to inquire. That's why I knew ahead why they limit down the number of students per class particularly in this level. Last year, they have a total of 25 kids in each class. Knowing kids can be rowdy, playful and has a short attention span, it's really a handful for the teacher and a co-teacher to handle such a huge number of kids.)   

Anyways, in preparation for school, I slowly bought the things which I think she will be needing (without yet the school's checklist). 
  • Bag of course! (I had it already prepared for her since 2013. See post here.)
  • Black Mary Jane shoes (I bought hers at SM Department Store. Its brand is Sugar Kids for just around Php300.00. Some kind of like this. I know it cost cheaper and its quality a question. But let's see… So far I love the texture and the design. Very simple yet easy to clean)
  • Umbrella
  • Undergarment "sando" shirt
  • Black knee-high socks
  • face towels (The one I bought is the microfiber quality that is like the Aquazorb)
  • Undergarment black cycling shorts (since her skirt is above knee level long)
  • Snack box/bag (It's a hand-me-down bag but still in its good quality condition. I know it is because it came all the way from Canada and it was hardly used by my niece. Thank you sponsor!)
  • plastic cover for the (6) books and (8) notebooks

Now that I have the checklist from the school, I was stunned to see a lot of requirements for a preschooler. It's like endless...

 photo 11294439_984063578271222_1773069738_o_zpsbftg17iz.jpg
Page 1.
Today's generation is really different. Lesson Plan notebooks na gamit today.
What will they do with the sand paper?
What is chipboard?

I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to checking on things that every thing is complete. Honestly, these are a lot for a preschooler to check everyday if her supplies are intact. I know my daughter would not fathom right away if I remind her always to check her things by herself. Guardians are not allowed to enter into the school's campus during school hours. So there's no 'Ate' to check it for her. I worry a bit if it'll be misplaced or other kid would get it. Thinking now on how to label each and every thing on the list. A lot of things needs to be done…

 photo 11271080_984063328271247_643951338_o_zpszut0dnke.jpg
Page 2.
Seriously? As in EQ or Huggies diaper?

"There may be additional items that may be requested by teachers throughout the…" Gotta be prepared for it. Nevertheless, I am determined to settle it all before the start of their classes on June 8. For now, I am excited to buy the rest of the requirements and join in the rush in buying school supplies. Anyway, I love it and it makes me bring back to memory lane…

How about you? Are you prepared na mothers like me?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Carmen's Best: Pure Indulgence

True to its word, Carmen's Best Pure Indulgence artisanal ice cream is indeed indulgence at its finest. I've seen numerous raves about it in social media including blogposts that kept my mind glued on it until its availability reached here in Davao City and can only be bought at Echostore here and here at that time. I'm happy about it because only a step away, I'd be able to taste the much talked about homemade artisanal ice cream and gelato made available in the local market. And since it is now available in NCCC Supermarket, I couldn't be any happier! That's what I call accessibility granted!

 photo IMG_20150511_182226_zps7rh8vcjy.jpg
I couldn't believe it's this plenty when I saw it yesterday
at NCCCMall Supermarket. To my heart's delight!

Last Sunday, and because it's Mother's Day, I posted in my FB days before that all I want is to have this ice cream and nothing else. I cannot remember telling my husband about what I want for that day but he asked me if that ice cream I want is available in GMall Toril. No, it's not.

 photo IMG_20150512_094645_zpszgmhviwx.jpg
I like it that it has 'best before' note written.
Sorry for the blurry photo. But for the one I bought,
it'll last until April of 2016 when kept chilled. 

Honestly, I find it expensive at 450 pesos for a small tub of container. But hubby gave me money for this and his gift for me as I wished for. Why not? I splurge because it's Mother's Day! Amusing part. After the cashier punched it in the cash registry, she kept looking at the bar code and also the bagger. They were having small conversations I assume of how much it cost. I smiled at them and said that's really the price. She then said, "Does it taste good?" And I said, "It's my first time to try that too. We'll see…" 

 photo IMG_20150512_094715_zpss8458ahh.jpg
That creamy, rich, velvety and smooth texture is sooo damn goood!!!

 photo IMG_20150512_094733_zpssrm9gklu.jpg

I must admit, having a sweet-tooth, is a bit difficult because I easily submit to every dessert and pastry that is available for me to eat. I love everything sweet! No questions about that. Of all the ice cream that I've tasted and tested (though I haven't tasted yet the Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry's or Dreyer's to name a few expensive ones), I love the mild sweetness, melts-in-the-mouth Mudslide flavor of Tillamook available in S&R. Now, having tried this flavor of Carmen's Best, I'll surely try out the rest of its available flavors even if I sacrifice buying other things/'wants' I want. This is what I call pampering oneself and submitting to my heart's desire. Carmen's Best is the best!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Bag Giveaway...Joei & Me: My Birthday Giveaway: Win a Coach Crossbody Bag fr...

I love bags… second to shoes. All my bags are given by my sponsors such as my OFW family. And I'm one of those lucky beneficiaries of them. But because I'm kind of very particular to quality and brand, it ends that I cannot buy one for me because I cannot afford to buy quality products. That's why I settle to wait for them giving me or join in contests especially in blog giveaway (which I'm fortunate to say, I've been lucky for the past 2 years) such us the Joei & Me: My Birthday Giveaway: Win a Coach Crossbody Bag fr…: