Friday, 21 June 2013


Summer is over and so is vacation. Normally people spend their summer months by going to the beach, spending time with family, relatives and friends going out-of-town. Vacation-ing is quite expensive and tiring since you'll be out most of the time beating the heat of Mr. Sun. Nevertheless, the fun and adventure cannot be paid with the experience it offers. However, for people who are not adventurous in spirit and prefers NOT to stay outdoors, they would just laze around in their respective house and/or hanging out in the malls. Recently, I found a better way of spending vacation in a cheaper, comfortable, and luxurious way.

Hotel & resort stay-cations are the "in" thing now. It is the best alternative to experience vacation in a relaxing and different way not too far from where you're at. I love staying in a hotel & resort because of: 1) luxurious ambiance, 2) extra service, pampering and treatment for their guests, and 3) the amenities they have all under one roof. While on the look out of hotel & resort stay-cations, one major consideration when choosing where to stay is how good their amenities are. You would know that a hotel, resort or restaurant's quality is through its amenities and equipment they are using down from the lobby, in their restaurant/ bar, to their pool area up until the nook you'll be staying at. Hotel Supply Online does the trick. Moreover, spending staycation in a hotel is not just locking yourself in your room. You will always be in the look out for some entertainment. The bar is where the heart of the party is. One thing that I enjoy being at the bar is where bartenders are juggling and mixing drinks in the tumblers and other Hotel Bar Supplies for that produce of good drinks perfect for a chitchat to cap down the night.

How I wish I spent hotel stay-cation with my family last summer. My friend and her family are doing and enjoying stay-cations like at Atlanta Hotel SupplyShe has been doing it with her family even if not on vacation season just for a change and for fun too. Probably next summer, I'll take my family to a great hotel & resort stay-cation treat.

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