Thursday, 13 June 2013

Long Live Philippines!!

This is a belated greetings to my fellow countrymen. Yesterday marks our 115th year of Independence from foreign colonizers. It feels great to be celebrating it from the usual holiday where we just bum around the house and take a midweek rest. Since my hubby is a government employee and their office was invited to celebrate it at SM City Davao, we thought that it would be nice idea that I come along with my eldest daughter with him. So I dolled up my little princess in an exercise/jogging-inspired outfit since it will be an early morning event which started off with a parade of guards holding Philippine flags. I don't have idea how many are they. But its nice to see it up close.

  photo IMG_20130612_080157_zps15b00448.jpg

 photo IMG_20130612_080342-1_zps009a2a7e.jpg
My darling made a Girl Scout sign. Boy scouts also joined in the celebration.
I love SM's Philippine flag logo.

 photo IMG_20130612_080857_zpsf97e3828.jpg
This is inside SM's Annex area where a short program was held. It was also a turn over of school supplies which SM donated to the City government to help those schools who are in dire need of it. I love SM's idea of making a big Philippine Flag where it was made up of school supplies. I just regret that I didn't take a photo from above.
 photo IMG_20130612_080901_zps0aa8b2aa.jpg
My kiddo is excited where she makes a pose and dancing beside the uniformed Boy Scouts.

 photo IMG_20130612_080905_zpscef168a4.jpg
Right on the 2nd Floor, you could see those security guards holding the Philippine flags. They surrounded the whole area. I felt like being proud of my roots.


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for the visit. I have a new blog to visit na :)
    Your little cheekegirl (can I call her that?) is such a cutie! :)

    1. Hi Janaki! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, she's my little cheekeegirl :))


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