Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Favorite (current) stash: Cloth Diapers

When you're a mom especially a new one, you forget your needs (and even the wants) and excited on the little ones. Having a baby makes shopping extra exciting for me. Not that I do it regularly. But the moment I step at the department store, the first and must-go for me is the baby/infant section. I don't know. The mother-in-me I guess. Baby finds are a delight for me. Seeing new stuff and innovative products that is useful and beneficial to my baby amazes me all the time.

My current addiction and slowly stashing my collection is cloth diapers. Although a bit expensive at first but in the long run it's all worth it and a good investment. Actually this is a traditional practice before disposable diapers are introduced in the market. Cloth diapers nowadays are re-branded, redesigned and reinvented that will fit and suit to the lifestyle of the mothers of today at the same time. Now that we are ecologically, health and financially conscious about almost everything, Cloth diapering can help save almost everything too!

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive because of the inconvenience it may bring: the leaks, the constant and frequency of diaper changes, the amount of diapers to be laundered and all unlike and compared to disposable diapers. It took me a while to give it a try. But because I want to contribute in saving the environment, budget money expenses and what's best for my baby (click here to know what I mean), I gave this a try only 4 months ago. Now that my second baby is 8 months old (I regretted I didn't used it on my eldest baby now she's 2), it was a surprise that everything I thought about saving indeed came true. Now I have only 4 Cloth diapers on hand (1 Alva, 1 Bamboo Dappy & 2 Baby Leaf, in order according to my preference. But there are a lot in the market that is available depending on your preference. I shall have a separate post about a review of my cloth diaper experience.) but it is still not enough. For a start one should have at least 8-10 cloth diapers or at most 12 depending on the extent your baby is on wetting/pooping. That is for an alternate use already. And cloth diapers should be hand washed every other day that is why you need to have extras to use for the next day. In a day, my baby uses at normal about 3 cloth diapers and at night about 2 disposable diapers. I am planning also to fully cloth diaper my 2 daughters at night where overnight inserts are also locally available. A local seller sells overnight inserts (5-layers) at a price of 150pesos. There are a lot of information about Cloth diapers and diapering itself. I still consider myself a newbie and it helps that I get to know about cloth diaper and its proper use because for me it is all worth trying for.

I am very grateful that I blog because in here I knew about this. I have a list of blog roll of mommies who had great insights about Cloth Diaper/ing 101. You can view them on the right side column on my page --Mothering/Family/Home. Recently, I found in Facebook a group called MCNP (Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays) Group Buys. In here, you get a lot and more insights about different cloth diapers in the market and where you can buy it, frequently asked questions about cloth diaper and diapering and these mothers can help you especially if you are first time mommies or make shift to cloth diapering for your little ones. Since then I can't get over about cloth diapers because aside from the fact that it helped me in so many ways, I just love the designs and styles that makes me wanna hoard it. These has gone to a whole new level of Cloth diapering because of its stylishness and oomph not only for little girls but even for the little guys as well. I love being a mother as much as I love Cloth diaper/ing.

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  1. Good luck in your cloth diapering journey! You made the right choice :) Happy cloth diapering!


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