Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Sugar, Spice and everything Nice: An Inspiration

She is the most bubbly, funny, adorable, happy soul, all out person I've known in the blogosphere. She is a genuine, thoughtful, loving and generous mother, wife, daughter, friend that anyone could ever have. I don't know her personally but her blog says it all. I couldn't remember what, how or where I found her in the blogosphere. But the moment I bumped into her blog, that was the start of everything. I silently read her blog post everyday. No fail. I don't comment at first because by just reading and seeing her blog post and photos in it is fine enough for me. The way she just loved her 3 kids and hubby endeared me to her and that melts my heart away. She's a kind a mom anyone would want. She's so attached to her kids and vice versa. Her childish-like ways made her youthful and glow even more as I could see in her 3 kids (Ate, Babyson & Lovey as what she calls them) and her Kap (what she calls her hubby) surrounding her. Ms. Jane/ Mommy Jane, even if you are chubby (no offense po!) and I'm not, I wish I have your BIG heart. That is truly amazing of you. And that makes you endearing.

And because I'm a proud fan of hers, she just answered my teeny-weeny request through answering the Old School Blogging/ Alphabet Meme a.k.a "slumbook/autograph". Imagine she made me some kinda tribute and effort and generous of her to put me in her space! A blog post for me? I'm boasting it now and reposting it in my blog too. That's how ecstatic I am. I'm pretty sure too that her millions of supporters would want to know her inside and out. So this is Ms. Jane fellow bloggers. Visit her blog and surely you will be entertained and know what I am raving about. Here's the link below she made for me. Thank you Ms. Jane/ Mommy Jane to the moon and back!

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice: For Donna


  1. Awww, so sweet naman of her! I actually just discovered her blog through you, and now I'm hooked! :D

    1. Yes! she's indeed the sweetest Maan. BTW, liking your #throwbackthursday post. Later, I'll be posting my #TBT photo too :))..

    2. Thank you, Maan! :) You guys are the sweetest, your support for me is so overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3

  2. Thank you so very much for this blog post, Donna! <3 You have touched & honored me deeply with your kind words & support. I hope that someday our paths will cross, I would love to meet you & get to know you. You are as sweet as you are beautiful!

    Love, Jane <3


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