Friday, 14 June 2013 vs.

My heart pounded much and my breath stopped for a while as I read a sad news. A sigh of relief came on me when I saw the difference. One commenter said that it is and not BLOGGER.COM. So how would you react if you saw it? You see, there's this news circulating around the world wide web that BLOGGERS.COM is closing, shutting down operations come 25th of June 2013. I thought a part of me would break into pieces.

BLOGGER.COM. I am somewhat attached to this online personal diary as I call it. And that has how it moved and inspired me. I've met friends, learned a lot of information that would nurture me, digest a lot of things that make me discover a lot for myself. I would somehow feel for a lot of bloggers and readers who were also attached to writing and expanding knowledge through this kind of sites. It's informative and fun. Aside from that, the perks and returns are somewhat rewarding. It encourages me to hone my writing skills and to break free from any stressful element. So to all bloggers of BLOGGER.COM, worry no more. It's not what our group that binds us together that would shut down. It's the BLOGGER with an "S". Please click on the links to see the difference.


  1. I love blogging too! I wouldn't like to see it go!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Yes blogging keeps me sane.


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