Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Home improvement made easy

When me and my husband got married, we immediately transferred in our own house. It's good to have our own nook and start anew. The thing about having our own home is that I can go all out as to improving and designing our new nest. For everybody's information, I am very much inclined to home and interior designing. It is my ultimate dream and became passionate about it until now. We started to have an extension at the back of our house where our dining and 2nd kitchen is situated. We haven't polished it with paint yet because we still have some fixings to do. One major factor we considered is to have proper Home Insulation which is very important when it comes to proper ventilation inside the house. Insulators help in reducing heat loss which helps us save energy. We live in a tropical area and having a hot weather is very inconvenient. Having said that, did you know that a house that has the right ventilation could make and save big bucks and creates healthier and comfortable living? See the following illustrations for your better understanding.

 photo heatloss3_zps5d7965a6.jpg
(Photo Source) This is an illustration where heat energy is lost in an uninsulated house.
Insulators prevent reduction of lost heat which helps as save energy and brings comfort in our home.

 photo Owhanake-Bay-House-Strachan-Group-Architects-5-537x357_zps5d4e0a24.jpg
A well-ventilated house even if it has big windows and air passages through the house,
is still hot or cold if it's not properly insulated. (Photo source)

Let's take a look at New Zealand. New Zealand is situated in the South Pacific region where its weather and climate conditions tend to be unpredictable and could vary in extremes at a day. It is said that New Zealand could make 4 seasons happen in just one day. They experience seasons of Spring (September to November), Summer (December to February), Autumn (March to May) and Winter (June to August) with its extreme weather conditions at that. Its climate is dominated by the mountains and the sea. It is perfectly advisable especially for the tourists to always wear sunblock to protect the skin from UV radiation coming from the extreme heat of Mr. Sun even in the onset of cloudy weather and especially during the Summer season. One interesting fact about New Zealand is that it has one of the highest UV ratings in the world. This is because the country has the clearest and cleanest environment with less air pollution that could block harsh heat from the sun. I didn't know that air pollution could help in anyway like that. For one, the basic and major means of living in New Zealand is through farming, livestock and since they are surrounded by a vast shoreline, they are abundant in marine life and aquaculture. With this kind of environment it is indeed a a livable place to live in because of its wonderful climate and weather condition. No wonder a lot of New Zealanders opt to have their own homes insulated and ventilated to maintain a good place to live in despite the sudden change of weather condition they are experiencing whole year round.

In order for me to start proper ventilating my house, I plan to get and apply for payday loansIt is a good alternative for me and convenient since I'd be able to choose my desired loan amount without worrying how to pay for it. Moreover, it is a wise decision too because it won't pressure me even if unpaid payments has not been settled. Though a risk is expected if these unsecured loans for bad credit will be taken for granted. But in general, it is the easiest and faster way that I'd be able to make my home energy efficient and big savings too in the long run. Having a good investment such as this will help save a thousand bucks!

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