Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My Beauty Regimen Products and Olay Anti-Ageing 'Night' Cream

This is not a product review as I just bought this yesterday. But with Olay as the brand, you wouldn't doubt its quality and question its effectivity. I use different brand of beauty products as I don't stick to only one brand because I'm more particular to a certain product's effect on my skin and of course its affordability. I use Biore (the blue colored container) as my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen and Pond's facial wash and toner (the pink one). Now, if I want to splurge a bit on beauty products, I would buy The Body Shop's seaweed toner. It doesn't make my skin that oily. For face and body sunscreen, I love Daylong. It doesn't make my skin heavy and greasyI should've posted photos pala of the products I use in regular basis. Maybe next time if I happen to snap photos of them.

Anyway, one particular beauty product that I've been wanting to buy is a night cream. I haven't tried using it pa because for one it's a bit expensive. And I believe during sleep or at night, our skin renews or rejuvenates more faster that's why it's more effective to put night creams to help boost healthy looking skin. 

To my delight, I read somewhere that Olay will be having a Buy-1-Take-1 promo (27-30 November 2015 or until supplies last) of their night cream. Oh how my heart sang!

 photo DSC00038_zps7nrr1nyu.jpg
Bought this at Watson's. 

Good thing that I knew of this promo because when I asked the Sales attendant, she said that the promo was over. But I said, the promo is until today (which was yesterday by the way). Then she validated it in their cash register. Alleluia! It's still in promo. I'm happy that I was lucky to have availed this because I read in some sites that in Manila at Watsons it's always out of stock even if you visit their other branches. Some even commented maybe they are just holding it up and sell again when the regular price is back.

 photo DSC00040_zps21iqgouu.jpg

 photo DSC00042_zpstfx1mkha.jpg

 photo DSC00044_zpsfe4smpsi.jpg

 photo DSC00045_zps1ci3afck.jpg

At Php789.00 for two, not at all bad. I got a huge savings instead! Before, I wasn't mindful of buying and using beauty products. Good thing my mother is very much particular of using and applying skin products on herself that's why I was also enticed to do the same (but not as solid as my mama). I just use the basic stuff: cleanse (Pond's facial wash, the red one), tone (Pond's, the pink one/The Body Shop's seaweed toner), moisturize and use sunblock for protection (Biore Milk, the blue container/ Daylong). You may notice that I don't have Olay products in my basic regimen that's because it's a bit expensive for my budget. But given if I have extra money to buy their products, I wouldn't have second thoughts buying them.

In my 30's, I value the importance of taking care of my skin. I don't have a flawless and healthy skin that's why I have to make extra effort in taking good care of it. Good thing I am not a heavy user of make-up as I just groom my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick. I don't even use face powder as Biore (my facial/daily moisturizer and sunscreen) gives my face a matte finish already and doesn't make my face shiny at all. That's my everyday make-up. Now if I want to further it more, I curl my eyelashes and put blush on. That's the farthest I can make for myself.

How about you? What's your daily beauty regimen and beauty products that you use? Share it too.

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