Thursday, 23 July 2015

Feeling Happy and Grateful @ 36!

Birthdays for me now at this stage of my life isn't anymore of grandiose feast on the table, spending bucks to have a party and receiving material things. I mean who doesn't want to be around with loved ones celebrating the special day in one's life and receiving gifts. For me, less is already enough for me. Maybe it goes already with the maturity and priorities you have for your life as we age. Those I mentioned are already a bonus. Simple celebration is enough for me by celebrating thanksgiving for the gift of life and good health God has given me, being around with my loved ones knowing that they are okay and happy, having a job, spending sometimes for my wants and being able to afford the basic needs for myself and my loved ones, spending quality time with them and grateful of God's abundant blessings. Of course, during the birthdate, I just want to have a simple dinner with my family for a celebration. And so that's what I did…

We dined at Grand Emerald Seafood Garden at the back of Victoria Plaza Compound. There are several restaurants in the vicinity and one of the famous Chinese restaurants found there is the Afhat Seafood Plaza. There are actually 3 of them inside the compound. However, I chose this time Emerald because I love and missed their complimentary peanuts. Very comforting, addicting and delicious! What I love is it is for FREE and refillable. In our case, we requested. And since we used their VIP room which can accommodate up to 14 persons for a consumable rate or minimum order of Php3,500.00, the waiters serving us would just check on our table and give us when they see we already emptied our peanuts without asking from them anymore, hehehe… Maybe they would just assume we will ask more of it anyway. Very good service! And of course good food! I love their Fish Fillet with Tausi sauce. I really enjoyed my dining experience and birthday celebration as a whole. 

 photo 1941526_555376237904538_7780576091809819418_o_zps8eirtqun.jpg
Photo grabbed from their FB page here.
I don't know though if their flyer special offer is still valid up to now
as this photo was published in their page 2014 of July.


  1. Wishing you had a great day with your loved ones. =) Happy birthday Donna =)

  2. Happy bday! Cheers to a happy and full life! :)


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