Thursday, 29 October 2015

McDonald's Happy Meal: Hello Kitty and Thomas and Friends

Hello mommies and girls out there! It's been a while after my last post. Been to a lot of busy stuff lately but I'm back to tell you about the latest of McDonald's Happy Meal. I got 2 hello Kitty toys for my little girls. I was ecstatic seeing these when I happen to pass by their store last Monday together with my daghter. Normally, I don't usually give in to my kids pleading of buying toys like that. But being a kid-at-heart too and once a lover of Hello Kitty/ Sanrio/ Little Twin Stars, like any parent, I couldn't resist to the consistent 'please-mama' of my almost 5-year-old tot.

I am happy with what we purchased. Hopefully, these won't break too soon as these are nice Hello Kitty toy collections. If you're an avid collector of Hello Kitty, these are great pieces to add in to your collection now... or you'll regret not getting it.

 photo IMG_20151027_210606_zpsy10vgq3k.jpg
There are actually 4 kinds of Hello Kitty Collection and
another 4 for the Thomas and Friends stuff.

 photo IMG_20151027_203812_zpsqhnjx46o.jpg
A closer look to one of the HK collection: You can open the toy
and inside is an HK ring.

 photo IMG_20151027_203946_zpsukcvdpce.jpg
Cute ring! and I like its quality. Not a cheapskate kind of plastic material.

 photo IMG_20151027_204041_zps6xa1pmhu.jpg
This is the 2nd HK collection that we bought and inside is
a hair comb.

I'm wondering what are the other 2 HK collection has inside. I'm planning to grab the other 2 Hello Kitty toys in their Happy Meal... hehehe (happy kid inside, giggle!). Anyway, for this Happy Meal purchase we got, I bought the Spaghetti w/ a drink for about P82.00pesos and a 1-piece chicken meal w/ a drink that cost around P102.00pesos. Not bad at all I guess. Go visit your nearest McDonald's stores now. #Mcdohappymeal #HelloKitty


  1. You're a cool Mom. I'm not a fan of HK but I can't deny she's cute no wonder kids and well, kids at heart like you do love her. Oh btw. I migrated my blog to WordPress. Same URL. I hope you can still visit me there. Keep in touch!

    1. Thank you Ms. Mayen! sure... will love to visit your blog in your new home...


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