Friday, 2 October 2015

Life's Simple Pleasures

This morning, I got the privilege to experience or witness God's greatest creation. If you're all new to my blog, I am a working mother and every morning is quite a rush for us at home. My eldest daughter goes to school and she must be prepared by 8 o'clock in time for her ride to pick her up at home. Although I admit I wake up late (past 6am) because if I wake up by 5am (the time I want to be with hubby and have coffee with him) the kids would wake up too. It's a bit early for them to rise by that time. They seem to feel me as I slowly climb off the bed. That's why I'm always in a hurry every morning that I seem not to mind or take notice of the things happening around. Like I said, this morning was kind of different. The usual stuff I wake up to but the chirping of the birds caught my senses. It was really a music to my ears and calming to my spirit. I guess there were lots of them flocked in our plants and a palm tree inside our area. Their happy voices seem to vibrate in our surroundings that I cannot help but grab my camera and record it… 

This was just a portion of what took place. They have been chirping for a long time. Their happy "noise" was like this the whole time we were preparing for our daily morning stuff. Our bathroom overlooks that palm tree outside so I had a very pleasant bath even if a hurried one because their voice soothe me. Though it was simple as that, it was a happy moment for me. I was full of gratitude and overwhelmed of that gift to witness God's presence first thing in the morning thru these wonderful creatures. I am amazed, humbled and thankful.

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