Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Around the World with these Things

Now, I understand how it feels not to be connected. One week without/limited internet access is like being sent to outer space and have no/limited contact with the real world. But thank Heavens for the free 30MB connection of Sun. I can browse and check my FB and IG page yet very limited. But it's better than no connection at all.

Okay back to the real topic. Last night, I went with hubby to buy piping materials to replace our leaking toilet sink at Wilcon Builder's Depot. While browsing the lanes/racks, my eyes directed me to this corner and with such delight, I couldn't help but take photos instantly. I don't know if it's not allowed but I snapped anyway. Thankfully, nobody called my attention. So here are the things I saw and would love to have for my home decor.

 photo IMG_20150602_181535_zpso5tjywa2.jpg
Aren't they glorious? Anything related to Europe are my 'in' -style now.

 photo IMG_20150602_181549_zpseg1sm5u7.jpg
How do you call this cases? I love these for storage.
The small ones are around Php600.00 and the bigger cases
is about Php900.00++

 photo IMG_20150602_181654_zpshdhemfeh.jpg
The one with the British flag design is like a book.
But ones you open it, you may store stuff like cards/letters or
jewelries (sans division).

 photo IMG_20150602_181731_zpsdtkhc8xi.jpg
London's Tower Bridge.
Not exactly the way it looked minus the British flag at the center.

 photo IMG_20150602_181625_zps4fapvgil.jpg
This really caught my attention. I love these beautiful storage chests.
I've been looking around for something like this and put it in our living room.
I like it as a side or center table. This cost around Php2,000.00.

That's all folks! Did you enjoy my new discoveries? I still want the storage chest but I'm afraid my toddlers would write anything on it. You should see our walls full of pencil scribbles. That's why I couldn't buy anything yet to further beautify our inside. It might cost me a lot. 


  1. Ang gaganda naman ng mga London-inspired stuff na yan! Meron akong gustung-gustong outdoor chair sa Wilcon Depot na until now hindi ko pa nabibili. It comes in diff. colors at bet ko yung red nun. :)


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