Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Are you Ready for School?: Back to School 2015 edition

Summer is almost over. In a few more days, school year 2015-2016 will officially begin. Oh hello traffic and morning rush! And as expected, our daily morning grind this year will definitely change as my 4 year old daughter will be going to school. Hooray! I'm really looking forward to this milestone of my li'l one as it will be her first time to enter school. She will skip Nursery and proceed to Kinder 1 (or Pre-Kinder) because of her age. I see her very excited as much as I am. I enrolled her as early as April to make sure she'll be in the morning slot (from 8:30 until 11:30). In her school-to-be, each class (particularly in her level), will be limited to only 15 kids. I liked that they narrowed it to that number so that they can be monitored by their teacher properly. And dealing with toddlers can be really tiring when tantrums and hyper-activeness strikes. We are not talking about 1, 2 or 5 children here, but 15 kids with different personalities. (As a backgrounder, the school that I enrolled her in is in its 2nd year of operations only. Before enrollment, I already went there to inquire. That's why I knew ahead why they limit down the number of students per class particularly in this level. Last year, they have a total of 25 kids in each class. Knowing kids can be rowdy, playful and has a short attention span, it's really a handful for the teacher and a co-teacher to handle such a huge number of kids.)   

Anyways, in preparation for school, I slowly bought the things which I think she will be needing (without yet the school's checklist). 
  • Bag of course! (I had it already prepared for her since 2013. See post here.)
  • Black Mary Jane shoes (I bought hers at SM Department Store. Its brand is Sugar Kids for just around Php300.00. Some kind of like this. I know it cost cheaper and its quality a question. But let's see… So far I love the texture and the design. Very simple yet easy to clean)
  • Umbrella
  • Undergarment "sando" shirt
  • Black knee-high socks
  • face towels (The one I bought is the microfiber quality that is like the Aquazorb)
  • Undergarment black cycling shorts (since her skirt is above knee level long)
  • Snack box/bag (It's a hand-me-down bag but still in its good quality condition. I know it is because it came all the way from Canada and it was hardly used by my niece. Thank you sponsor!)
  • plastic cover for the (6) books and (8) notebooks

Now that I have the checklist from the school, I was stunned to see a lot of requirements for a preschooler. It's like endless...

 photo 11294439_984063578271222_1773069738_o_zpsbftg17iz.jpg
Page 1.
Today's generation is really different. Lesson Plan notebooks na gamit today.
What will they do with the sand paper?
What is chipboard?

I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to checking on things that every thing is complete. Honestly, these are a lot for a preschooler to check everyday if her supplies are intact. I know my daughter would not fathom right away if I remind her always to check her things by herself. Guardians are not allowed to enter into the school's campus during school hours. So there's no 'Ate' to check it for her. I worry a bit if it'll be misplaced or other kid would get it. Thinking now on how to label each and every thing on the list. A lot of things needs to be done…

 photo 11271080_984063328271247_643951338_o_zpszut0dnke.jpg
Page 2.
Seriously? As in EQ or Huggies diaper?

"There may be additional items that may be requested by teachers throughout the…" Gotta be prepared for it. Nevertheless, I am determined to settle it all before the start of their classes on June 8. For now, I am excited to buy the rest of the requirements and join in the rush in buying school supplies. Anyway, I love it and it makes me bring back to memory lane…

How about you? Are you prepared na mothers like me?


  1. It's a very exciting milestone for you and your 4 year old. I hope everything goes well.. =)

  2. Yehey, congrats to your kid and kudos for being such a prepared momma! :) I miss going to school!


    1. Thank you Ms. Jhanz! Not yet prepared though… bilhin ko pa majority ang nasa listahan,,hehehe

  3. I know, right?!
    Sobrang daming anik-aniks. Buti na lang, end of June pa pasukan ni Kulet, di pa ako masyadong stressed.

    1. Diba!? exciting mamili ng school supplies like we were ones like that?

  4. Hi Mommy Donna!!! been a long time since I check blog posts! hehehe..
    naku! Super exciting yan.. It makes me happy buying all these school stuff!! the longer the happier I am.. (well, wag lang pag dating sa kaha.. haha)..
    pero grabe! kinder may computer class na sila no!? Oh well!! God Bless! :)
    Hope to see you guys soon.. :)

    1. Hi Juvvy! kita kits soon pagmaka visit ka nang Davao… God bless!


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