Thursday, 16 July 2015

Torn Feelings

God has been extra good to me and my family this year. I am beyond elated more than words can say. It's more of grateful and overjoyed on the things that's been happening to our family. God has been a good provider ever since we start our family. Indeed it's true that patience, faith and trust will find it's way to God's promise for us. My belief now is God directs our path ahead. Even if we don't understand why this happens in our life, we have to accept and follow His will for us. Most of the time, I am just surprised of God's goodness because He blesses us things that we didn't pray and expect. And now I understand why certain things just don't happen because God gives us the things He knows the best for us.

Why I am sharing this because I think God is so amazing, so generous and so loving. He is working things according to my desire and prayers. Lately, He is answering my little requests but there's only one thing left unanswered. It's gonna be a life changing thing if it's against my will. But I'm still hoping that God will consider my reason which I think is valid. It is actually a blessing that I'd rather wish it to other people who needs it more. I know, shame on me to turn down a blessing from God but I think I have enough for the moment and I see other people needs it more than I do. At this point, it's payback time. People have been good to me and my family. I think it's our time to share our blessings to those who needs it the most. It's actually a very nice feeling more than the bliss of receiving. Of course, it's nice also to receive gifts from other people and of God. But you know, the satisfaction, fulfillment and achievement of sharing surpasses everything.

It's my birth month and I still wish from God that my heart's desires are enough for a birthday present: good health for me and my loved ones, comfortable way of living, quality time with my loved ones, a stable job, enjoy and have a peaceful life and being able to hurdle life's challenges.

I ask and I'm sure I will receive… #bepositive #Godisgood

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