Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Philippines' E-Jeepney

It's more fun in the Philippines. I really love the slogan our Philippine government had made to capture tourists to come visit our country. It doesn't only entice foreign visitors but also the locals to explore more of our country's natural resources and Mother nature has gifted us. Though I haven't been to all the places in the country, but I am very sure that Philippines is blessed with so much not other country has.

One of our country's trademark is the jeepney which Filipinos are known for with it's quirkiness and vibrancy as to its facade. It is a ride that transports people to and fro its destination within the streets aside from the car and bus.

 photo 228917_411733112215255_320448333_n_zpsa36ac1ca.jpg
Photo source here. Actually there are various styles and designs our jeepney has. You can Google it.
It's super cool and you can just imagine how our homegrown artists can be so exceptionally creative.

 photo 11233901740interieur-dxune-jeepney-inside-a-new-_zpsbd954d73.jpg
Photo source here. The inside of the jeepney.
It has so much room and leg for passengers.
 photo crowded-jeepney_zps8db6c4a9.jpg
Photo source here. If jam-packed, here's how it looked like.
Filipinos are known for being genuinely friendly, hospitable and 

who loves to wear a smile on their faces.

 photo 310222_10151571981648119_363675436_n_zpsfeea119e.jpg
Photo source here.
Even international actor Vin Diesel took a jeepney ride.

However, along the way, Filipino inventors never stop discovering things that will benefit its people and the whole world in the long run. We all know that this kind of motor vehicle is contributing to the noise and air pollution around. The jeepney itself is not actually the problem but of how owners doesn't give regular maintenance to its units thus having smoke belchers everywhere and honking too aggressively without being sensitive. Glad that I was able to read in my FB newsfeed about this E-jeepney that will replace our traditional jeepney. Here's the link

Similarly, I was able to ride a jeepney of that kind yesterday.

 photo IMG_20140429_163026_zps200317d3.jpg

At first, I was quite hesitant on riding that jeepney because it has no signage of its route. There were passengers already inside. The driver asked me if I was going to SM City Davao and I said yes.

 photo IMG_20140429_162857_zps50b40bc4.jpg

When comfortably seated inside, I noticed that there's no much noise with regards to its engine. Normally, when you're inside you can hear the engine's noise and its muffler. But amazingly, it's such a smooth ride and it's noise free. Since I sat near the driver, I was looking on the driver's dashboard and the feet pads below where the clutch, brake and accelerator are located. I noticed that there is no gear. I have no idea as to when to use the gear but every time I think it's to be geared, he steps on to another feet pad which I think is the gear. 

I regret not taking the picture of it. But when somebody in front seated causing my view to be blocked, I wasn't able to take a photo na. The passenger asked if the jeepney is solar powered and the driver said yes. If I heard it right, the driver said around 8 to 10 e-jeepneys are being tested here in Davao City. And I think it's for free. But I already paid my fare. I only realize its for free because one of the passenger said thank you upon disembarking the jeep. Oh well, it's still worth it. I just put in mind it's a donation to this kind of project.

 photo IMG_20140429_163038_zpsb4f3b7b1.jpg

I don't know if this is the same jeepney as the COMET e-jeep being tested and launched during US President Obama on his 2-day Philippine visit last April 28-29, 2014 in Manila. See link here.

Personally, I would recommend this kind of jeepney, engine-wise, because it's no doubt beneficial to our environment and to us in the long run. #ejeepney #Philippines #davaocity #environment-friendly #notosmokebelchers


  1. This is cool! Where were you able to spot this? I want to try! hehehhe

    1. I was waiting for a jeepney near John Paul COllege II.. that's when it passed by so I took the ride

  2. i tried riding an e-jeepney in Pasig. It was even for free!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  3. Hi sis! I nominated you for the “You are my Sunshine Blogger” Award :) Check it out!


  4. where can i buy this vehicle can i have the contact number? please email at

  5. Nice post, very interesting! My preference is the original-style Jeepneys much like the ones at the top - I like the chrome and shiny steel/aluminum sides. Some are still functioning originals from surplus American Jeeps left over from WWII. But I am sure the e-jeepneys are much "greener" and better for environment and health (less diesel emissions) although maybe they quietness might be a little dangerous for pedestrians.

    Speaking of diesel, Vin Diesel was foolish to want to have the empty Jeepney all to himself. Had he been smart, he would have chosen the one full of all the pretty, smiling young ladies!


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