Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Happy Companion

Because one of my 'house mate' left, the happy kid is excited to accompany me in the office. It means for her, she'll have me all by herself. 

 photo IMG_20140424_141136_zps16f3f76a.jpg

Glad that my boss is not around, I can just bring her to office until we can find a replacement for a new helper at my household. I wish to have one already before my boss arrives in a week. Despite of that, I'm still lucky because I have my mother and my SIL (fortunately still on vacation here and will be back to the M.E. in a week also) to look over my 3 year old daughter while me and hubby are working. 

The day is about to end. I'm happy Mariella that you keep mama in company. The sleepiness that I usually feel especially in the afternoon is replaced by fun and learning and kept me awake all the time because of your curiosity that might cause me in danger. #love #kids #family

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