Monday, 28 April 2014

Malware detection

As soon as I visited my blog today, this came in a shock for me.

 photo IMG_20140428_091546_zps77c73a62.jpg

Why did this happen? But when I access my blog site on my other computer, this did not prompt me.
I got scared and until now because I don't know what happened. I just hope the other computer has problem accessing my site and not for the others to visit me. Oh I hope there's really nothing wrong.


  1. To make you feel relieved, I can access your blog without problems :)

    1. Hi Di! Thanks for confirming it to me. I've heard same problems with other bloggers too. I don't know what's happening. is it a spam kaya?


    eto na ang sagot sa malware detection ng top blogs

  3. Hey Donna! No problem accessing your blog from here (Dubai) :)

  4. I also experienced this so I removed my top blogs link.


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