Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Mall's Inefficiency: Part 2 (Learnings and Points of view)

See my previous post here. Because of the Holy week, I had this delayed. With that incident, it made me reflect more the meaning of God's suffering and love for us-- to sacrifice for the benefit of others who are in dire need. It felt great helping others and personally, I felt very light and happy. Money is not of great weight to make you genuinely happy. It is by way of reaching out to others that one can attain peace and contentment.

There are reminders each and everyone of us should keep in mind especially those who were involved in the bag snatching incident inside the grocery of #nccmalldavao. In my point of view, Rosalie should not have left her bag away from her. Given that it was too heavy to carry considering her condition, she must have brought the trolley and her daughter with her. In fairness to the management, they have been constantly playing in their sound system to keep your personal belongings on guard and at your own risk. And it is not the management's responsibility if anything is lost from you. But since we can't really control the people with dark motives, they should have a standard operating procedure to address to this kind of incident. Security and safety precautions must be implemented  because it is a big establishment where a big volume of people flock. As a business owner, you owe to the people your business because if not, you'll not thrive with the existing malls around. They must consider the security, safety and comfort of their customers. Excellence in customer service must always be delivered. It's beyond addressing the needs of its customers while not just being in the bounds of protocols. The mall's customer service lack its efficiency and did not level to what is expected of them. Maybe if we did not offer their ride home, probably they won't, considering the status of Rosalie. Their are certain rules to break in order to deliver what is expected of them. They don't have extra service I should say.

If you will ask me if I'm going to go back to the mall, I would still go. I'm not a loyal customer of theirs, but I go there for a particular purpose only. Abreeza, Gmall and SM malls are still my go to malls for leisure and all the purpose I can think of.

To the #ncccmalldavao management, install more CCTV's in your establishment. It doesn't help out solving crimes when you just put it in the entrance and exit points. The real action happens within the particular area away from the uniformed guards. Do look on your security protocols and SOP's. It's not helping victims inside your establishment. As a customer in your business, I felt there's no customer satisfaction in cases like this. #justsaying

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  1. I hope things turned out well for the mother and daughter now. I just wish she didn't raise her voice on the child whatsoever when she lost her things, totally no her fault, she is a child.. good job for you and your husband!


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