Monday, 5 May 2014

Arizona's Green Tea

I'm not really a fan of instant drinks may it be in a tetra pack or bottled form. I preferred those fresh fruits in shake or smoothie because it's packed and rich in natural nutrients. But I discovered something worth a try and I'm sure I'll be flocking S&R more frequently because of this. I found my thirst quenching drink in a gallon form.

 photo IMG_20140504_135820_zps9fadae5e.jpg
Valued at P199.95 pesos for 1 gallon

I loved the mild sweetness of this green tea. It's best to drink when chilled. Though I haven't tried drinking it not cold, I would assume this taste bland if it's just in a room temperature. For a gallon, I found it already cheap. Not to mention that the quality of the plastic of this drink is sturdy and can be recycled by putting drinking water or for watering plants. Well, my imagination runs environment friendly again. My FB friend told me she don't like the taste at all but I guess each of us has different preference for a drink. But for me,  I don't just like it. I LOVED IT!! #s&r #refreshingdrink #thirstquenching #healthydrink


  1. I'm always reminded of my brother-in-law whenever I see this tea. I also like this tea because it is not overly sweet like the local ones we have.

  2. oo diba it tastes so good and refreshing too

  3. My little sister loves Arizona tea. :) Havent tried it tho.


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