Thursday, 3 April 2014

Two in a Row! And claiming for more...

It dawned in me that it's never too late for everything. That the best is yet to come and our luck is a matter of right timing. And I'm glad that my time has come. I rejoice for the material blessings I got from the end of 2012, the whole of 2013 and the start of 2014 has brought me. I never am lucky when it comes to raffles and contests. Only when I got pregnant twice, the stroke of good luck got me. Maybe it's indeed true that when you're pregnant, good fortune goes with it. Or simply said, it was just meant for me. The first break that broke all my thinking about how unfortunate I am when it comes to raffles was when I won a gift certificate (GC) of 1,000pesos for a local supermarket here in our city. It was our company Christmas party then on 2012. Next highlight was when I won bountiful loots from Ms. Jackie Go of GoJackie Go as I blogged it here and here. After that, I came out a winner of Caudalie Foaming Facial wash from Ms. Tiffany of Breakfast at Tiffany that I blogged here and here.

Surprisingly, it didn't end there. As I made my full efforts and part too in joining blogger's giveaway spree, it didn't fail me. I did all my best to follow simple instructions coupled with a hopeful entry that I'd win. That's what you call try and try until you succeed and be hopeful as more blessings will come when you least expect it. So here are again are my winning moments.

 photo IMG_20140331_093528_zps8afda0c2.jpg
I'm cheekeegirl!

 photo IMG_20140331_093514_zps1f26cf86.jpg

 photo IMG_20140331_093500_zps7ffae590.jpg
Thank you pretty Mommy Helene of Mrsmommyholic for doing this giveaway.

In less than 1 week apart, I have this great news awaiting for me to be seen. I won a Photobook from Ms. Leah of The Bright Spot giveaway. I'm so happy and gay. I felt that God gave these to me in a bunch. There's really a reward when you are just patient, hopeful and faithful. Thank you Lord!

 photo IMG_20140403_132731_zps0c9556f1.jpg
Check Photobook website here.

 photo IMG_20140403_150803_zps03617241.jpg
My winning proof.

Thank you Lord for the outpour of blessings. I have another one that my hubby is waiting for. Cross fingers for it! It will be a travel destination he's been dreaming for the both of us. We'll claim for it! #blessings #bloggiveaways #iloveblogging #clothdiaper #traveldestination2014


  1. WOW!! Congrats!! Hope to see the photobook next time we meet. :)

    1. Oh wow! I hope I can compile the needed photos when you're here na. That's a few weeks nlng cguro, hehehe.. text me

  2. Congratulations! I joined that cloth diaper giveaway, too. I didn't know about that photobook giveaway. Hope you would show it on your blog!

    1. Thank you Maan. I saw your entry nga ,hehehe.. will definitely blog about it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you girl! try and try until i succeed ang peg ko


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