Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I'm in Love-ing my Girls!

Every morning as I watch my girls still in their sleep, I thank God for giving me such wonderful gifts that nothing can equate. I'm not wishing for material things (though sometimes I wish to have one and it's not so much of a priority), but I always pray and hope that God will give me and my hubby good health in order for us to enjoy more our children and that we'll be able to provide for them until they can live on their own. We wish to see their achievements and still be present in every milestone they will  be conquering. I am a proud mother to boast my children. Who wouldn't if they're as adorable as these two?

 photo IMG_20140329_161534_zps59822db8.jpg

This post is nothing but gushiness and an overflowing love of a mother to her kids. Others might think it's kind of a shallow thing to post. But I tell you guys you would know how I feel when you're a parent. They are such a precious being and the unconditional love just overflows in buckets. I am looking forward to have you both full time tomorrow because it's a holiday. And that means spending the rest of the day with you two because mama has no work. Have a great holiday tomorrow fellow Filipinos! #motherlove #kids 


  1. Your kids look adorable! I can still remember the days when my younger sisters were that little (they are almost as tall as me now haha!). They will definitely be touched when they read this post in the future :)

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

    1. Thanks Sally! They make my day. literally! Nothing beats a love that came from your own. diva? Mama knows best...


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