Monday, 14 April 2014

#Nationalflipflopsday 2014

I love shoes (open or close)! Second, would be clothes. I can live with it even if I don't have the latest bag or make-up that is currently in the market. But I'm not the type who hoards shoes like there's no tomorrow. How I wish I could but of course I have to prioritize the needs of my kids and of the household. But if there's one thing I want to splurge on given I have the money, it would be shoes and clothes.

Now, why am I talking on this? Because last Friday, 11th of April is the so called #nationalflipflopsday and Havaianas Philippines had a special treat to their customers.

 photo havaianasnationalflipflopsdayapr2014_zpsb740044e.jpg
Photo not mine.

Oh shucks, if only I knew it's just a 1-day sale, I should have borrowed money from the hubs. Good thing that the SIL offered to buy for the kids, I'm grateful already. Here are our cute finds.

 photo IMG_20140414_061545_zpsb47d12c4.jpg
This one is for my 1-year old bunso, Nique. It's marked 30% off and is priced at P577.50.
Just do the calculation for its regular price.

 photo IMG_20140414_061601_zpsdbdf1caf.jpg
This is for Mariella. At 20% off, it was now P756.00.

 photo IMG_20140414_061746_zps92252394.jpg
Just in time for summer huh! I can see them feet flopping away...

 photo IMG_20140414_061948_zps5e416b85.jpg

There are uber cute designs of flip flops to choose from. I can see myself envying the walls of the store at Havaianas, SM City Davao. If only I can have one. Okay, I have owned one way back as a gift also from the same SIL who bought these cuties for my kids. But it gave up on me for such a short time. I don't know what happened. The rubber soles of it are still as if it's still brand new. The problem was the  rubber straps gave way. I remembered back then it was just only like 700 to 800 pesos a pair for the adults. But now, it's around P1,500.00 a pair. 

How about you? What's your newly purchased Havaianas like? #havaianasph

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  1. Ang mura!!! I never went to Hav's events because most of the time, they are way far from home haha


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