Monday, 4 March 2013

Missing M

It's been 4 days now that my eldest 2-year-old daughter is not with us at home. Last Friday, she had fever that reached to 38-39 thermo temperature. Because of fear that my 5-month old daughter will get sick also, we decided to bring M to my parent's house and isolate her. Though her sickness is not that deadly infectious(yes I'm exaggerating), it is through experience that once a member of my family got sick (especially if its a viral thing), everybody (if not all) will get the same illness especially flu. Lucky me, that I have a strong immune system (knock on the wood! Thanks be to God). Maybe because of a woman thing due to pregnancy and the like. It is difficult that children got sick especially a baby. It would be sleepless nights on me since I make sure that they breathed well because of runny and stuffed nose. By Saturday, we brought M to her Pediatrician since she vomited thrice on early dawn of Saturday with phlegm on it. Good thing that she brought that out. But worries me a lot because she has no proper eating and avoided milk and water intake. My mother said that M is just so restless. My fear rushed on me. She still has a slight fever around 37 thermo temperature when we went to her doctor. Indeed, she has weezing sound in her lungs and the doctor prescribed antibiotics and for her cough. The doctor told then to not get close of her baby sister. M is very fond of her sister. She squeezes her all the time and kisses her a lot, everywhere of N's body parts. Now that M is not with us these days, we missed her a lot. Even though her presence makes me at times impatient and irked me because of her uncanny and hyperactive movements, the house is not that jolly without M. I missed her sweet voice and her endearing antics. She embraces me a lot and most of the time giggles when embracing or kissing me. Right now since Saturday, my phone calls are on a regular basis in a day just to hear my daughter's voice and to check how she is. She talks a lot already with no formal or clear words. I miss that. See you my M! Papa, Mama and baby N loves you. Get well soon.

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