Thursday, 7 March 2013


Got myself an all-in-one pair of shoe. I would say that it's a multi-purpose shoe because it can be worn in an all-day, all-night event. Good for office/casual/formal occasion pumps from Mendrez. They are on sale! Got this one on sale. Happy to have bought this.

Love the color that is Camel! It is available also in black. But don't have size 7 available at the time I bought this.

Love that its heels are in this style. It's not tiring on the heels even if you go around all day. I tried running wearing this by the way, hehehe..

Love that it's from Mendrez! I love their line of shoes. Check out their on going sale.

Love that its front is round like. It does not hurt any part of my toes especially the pinky one.

Love the design and texture of this shoe. It's easy to clean.

Love that its bottom is rubber. It does not skid


  1. nice shoes!!! I have to get one too!! I just love the color!!

    1. Thanks joan! you should check out their shoes...very stylish and affordable..

  2. pretty! love the color too.. its best for office attire ;)

    thanks for following.. followed you back :)


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