Monday, 11 March 2013

Nuby, I got you!

Finally, I owned one. Thanks Mommy Fleur for introducing this to me. When I read her blog on this, I got interested right away. Since I have a newborn, a good quality feeding bottle is a must for me. Avent is very expensive for a budget conscious me. Searching for a way to get it, my eyes lit up when I saw it at Zalora online shop. No second thoughts, I bought it right away. For 2 working days, I got my most awaited purchase.

8 oz. bottle

Award winning!

It's natural shape and size of nipple mimics that of the mother.

The entire bottle. See how clear the bottle is. You could see what's written at the back.
What I like about this is as your baby grows till her/his toddler years (say up to 2 to 3 years), your child can still use it by just changing/ adding accessories like the bottle handle, changing its silicone nipple to a no spill spout, then to a no spill flip it drinking straw and finally when your baby gets a little bit older you can change it to a drinking rim and let him/ her drink in the bottle like a kid. Each transition spouts and straws I think are sold separately. It's a great alternative to Avent since it worth more than 50% less than of Avent. It's worth it!

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