Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Flu, flu go away! Don't come back anyway..

I am grateful that I'm a person who won't easily gets down with flu. Even if my entire household got the same virus including my 2 kids, I am lucky that I'm the survivor and if not, the last one to get it. And prevention for me is better than cure. So aside from me, I make sure that my 2 household helpers gets vitamins daily, moi husband and my 2 kids as well. That is always my reminder every morning especially to my husband and helpers. But the case today is different, the virus went on me. This is terrible. And the worst thing is that my 6-month old daughter had cough and flu too! I don't mind us adults getting the virus. What concerns me are the kids! They still have very low resistance and it's not also difficult for them but for me as well: no sleep, more irritable because of lack of sleep and a headache.

Yesterday, I was curious and thought of getting rid of flu (or worst, fever!) the natural way. Since I make sure that I get natural cure for fever and as much as possible don't relay on medicines, I searched the internet and found these interesting facts in getting rid of fever or flu . Number one really is to keep oneself hydrated. Drink lots of water above the normal 8-12 glasses of water a day. I also discovered Gatorade would be of big help since it not only keep you hydrated but it will replenish lost minerals during illness. Drinking hot tea or ginger tea can help. I like it when the article says to eat ice cream (but I think not too much to develop sore throat). I think Berocca too as what my big boss told me.

For more detailed information click here and here. Be safe and be healthy everyone!

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  1. If your throat is itchy, try gargling warm salt water every 4 hours. Just mix a teaspoon of salt with a glass of water. :) I also drink lots of warm calamansi juice.


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