Monday, 25 March 2013

On Making sense

Are feelings always right? Or can it be also exaggerated? Can someone say your feelings are wrong? I would say that feelings are like intuition or gut-feel. They say that with your instinct you can never go wrong. In my own opinion, even if one's feelings are right or wrong for other people, one should consider and  respect that. To the one that has "that" feeling or gut, for them they are right, they are true. It is with that feeling that "that" person is just being true to her/him self, with her being. Lest to say, feelings describes you and no body has the right to judge it for it comes uniquely to a person. Every "feelings" makes sense because it defines what the person is going through. If it seem wrong, you may make the person understand that her/his gut feeling is not the way it is. Sometimes out of negative emotions and assumptions, feelings can be blown out of proportion. And that can make the feelings wrong."Feelings" are part of one's being that should be considered (not necessarily right) and respected as it is. Am I making sense?!

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