Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Merienda delight

Feasting my eyes lately with overloads of sweets. Happy tummy it is! Recently, I did a little grocery purchase in a nearby convenience store and saw this on the shelf. I haven't tried this yet but was curious about the taste. I'm such a coffee lover that I can't pass this by.

This is what is says but the calories is a whopping 160.

This is how the cookie looks like. I took a bite of it already.

This is how it looked like untouched. That peanut-like you see is the caramel chips.
Upon opening the packaging, the aroma of coffee is what you get. Very enticing and addicting. But when bitten the coffee taste and the smell doesn't linger in my taste buds. But then again, having the sweet tooth I have, I am just okay with it and happy at the same.


  1. I haven't tried that coffee variety yet. I usually get the usual chocolate Chips Delight. I might give that a try, for a quick pick-me-up at work :)

  2. thanks for sharing this info girl

  3. you should try the soft brownie variant. that's my fave among the bunch. i think it's the red one. :))


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