Friday, 22 March 2013

Boring fashion

After having 2 pregnancies in a span of 3 years, my clothes of ages ago somehow needs to retire by now. I have this tendency of having a hard time separating from my favorite clothes that even if it doesn't fit or look good on me anymore, I still keep it hoping that one day I can wear it. I have to be realistic. I have a petite body frame. Maybe that's why even if my body changes form, I seem to have it in mind that I can still fit in into my existing clothes because of my small body frame. My body "beautiful" before (as if I have that sexy body huh?!) is no longer the way it is. Aside from the fact that clothes now are expensive for me in my case (having 2 kids already and a big fraction of my salary goes to their daily necessities and groceries at home), buying for myself especially basic clothing takes a back seat. My recent hauls would be that of my maternity clothes. I would still be wearing it because also of the fad that loose clothings are in fashion. But I think it don't look good on me anymore. I have a lot of clothes that dated back my college years and still in good shape and condition. I'm planning to sell it in garage sale or in online but my time doesn't permit me to focus on it. Some I already gave because it takes a lot of space in my closet. I'm wondering where can I have this sold in a faster and easier way. I'm planning also to buy new set of clothes for me with the proceeds I will raise on this.

It is also important that one knows how to identify one's body shape and know what style that fits on a certain body frame. I'm poor on this. I told myself that if I have a few extra pesos to spend for a "stylista", I will go for it. But I think it would be too luxurious to do it. I just have to know what's good on me and which I am comfortable wearing without spending a lot. I tried buying myself second-hand finds but unfortunately, mostly I ended up buying impulsively without thinking does it really look good on me. Well, right now I'm exposing my self to fashion blogs to know what's in and what's not? I'm in fashion dilemma right now. I still want to look good despite having children and despite the imperfect body form.

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