Monday, 6 February 2012

Eden Mountain Nature Park & Resort

Just this weekend, I treated my family with a relaxing ambiance of nature. Last November, I got a promo from Eden Mountain Nature Park & Resort and thought of bringing my family after so many months of juggling motherhood, marriage and my career. I missed my family. Now that I'm married, have a child to attend to and busy with work, I haven't had quality time with my family.

Eden Nature Park & Resort is one of the tourist get-away here in Davao City. It is situated in the Southern part of the city. Our little Baguio so to speak. There you can experience the cool breeze of the place with the pine trees surrounding the place. So as not to add on the pollution, cars are to be parked in a respective area and a shuttle will just tour the visitors to see the beauty of the place. It is indeed a relaxing getaway.

It was a perfect weather when we got up the resort. We arrived there at past 2pm and immediately checked in. The weather is cool. When we got to our room, a wedding is set to happen right outside our  veranda, in their gazebo overlooking the city gulf. We and the kids went out to feel the cool breeze of the place and to see the wedding to take place. We didn't have the chance to tour the place since my almost 1 year old niece had cough. So we were just outside our room.

For those who want to experience a relaxing getaway and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of city life come to Eden Nature Park & Resort. They still have new promos all year round. Check out their website. It's www.


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