Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My One-Of-A-Kind Valentines

Yesterday was the celebration of love. I had my fair share of Valentine not-so-sweet moment. The day before the V-day, my husband and I had a one big fight! (Hurrah!) And as such, I had red swollen eyes the next day which is Valentine's day. I realize that it started from a simple reaction I said to my husband which I didn't intend to hurt him. It was actually a sweet gesture of my husband to tell me that he was hurt of something that I said and did which he don't usually do. It was not a pleasant scenario for the both of us since we were in the height of our anger. And now recalling back of what happened, I would say it was also a blessing in disguise since it was an eye opener to me (And I hope for him too).

Marriage is really not at all bed of roses. Two people of extreme differences living together in one roof is not that easy. It is indeed true that patience, understanding and God-centeredness must always be present in both individuals to create a homey place to live in. And everyday in the span of 2 years is a learning experience for me not only knowing my husband but also my responsibility as a wife, a companion and the one who runs the household.

Nevertheless at the end of that day, in every bad thing that happened, we are still the two persons who share the same love despite the challenges. My husband has been great seeing how through time he has been showing sweetness unlike before. I should be grateful because knowing my husband it is indeed the effort that counts. Thumbs up husband! I love you everyday!

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