Thursday, 2 February 2012

Smart Parenting

How do you describe a parent? For me, a parent is far more than being a mother and a father. Being a parent takes a lot of responsibility and an obligation. An obligation that as a parent, you have to do your role to rear and nurture your child the way you want your child to be. It is also a great responsibility that you have to guide your child to the right values and proper conduct.

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Talking to your child is very essential and crucial in the upbringing of these young ones. Thus, not only communication but 'proper communication' is a must. A parent must take time to bond with their child so as not to build a gap between them. It is nice to take a time out with the kids so as to know your child's personality and interests. When I was growing up maybe until my college years, my father is assigned to different location due to work. But even if, he stays most of the time out-of-town, he makes it a point that whenever he is home, he bonds with us. To know more about smart parenting, please visit

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