Monday, 27 February 2012

New cut

There's a new me. I feel light and breezy. I had my new haircut done last Friday together with my office-mate who convinced me to sport a new look. I was a little bit hesitant of the style she chose for me but in a way a bit challenged since I really wanted to have my hair cut. For many years, I've been wearing my long hair that was damaged because of hair relax and I haven't maintained it by hot oil or spa. I'm thinking to have a new look, new style and ended just okay. Not that I don't want my new hair style but because of my hair's texture it became limp. I've cut my hair short. But thank God for inventing anti-frizz solutions for the hair. It made my hair stay in shape and not look frizzy anymore.

We went to a Korean hair salon near Chimes, Davao. It's where my officemate do her regular hair cut. Their salon is clean and when we went there a lot of high school students do their hair cut too. My choice of cut is a Korean style so I opted to join my officemate. Overall, I liked my new hair cut. It changed my look and it styled my hair. This way, I will have no excuses not to take good care of my hair and to really spend extra time to style my hair and not just the plain ponytail like I used to. My officemate told me that it looked better on me. At least better and not ugly. I will make it a point to have extra time in the morning styling my hair for my advantage also. You see, I'm working in a corporate office so I have to make myself pleasant.


  1. Good to hear!!!
    You are now free afraid to cut your hair,Congratulations!!! :)
    You look more younger in your new hair do.
    Keep it up make your self more pleasant not only in the eyes of others but most of it for yourself.


  2. Happy MONDAY..Be happy everyday.. Keep in touch...


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