Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Perfect give-away

Are you a crafty person? Artistic and creative in mind? I love crafts and designs ever since high school. When I decided on what course to take, first thing in mind is to be an interior designer. But since I didn't took the course, I just rely on magazines, TV programs and internet sources all related to arts, designs, cooking and even fashion. I love Lifestyle Network a lot. Everything in that channel is about designs, crafts, cooking, fashion and interior designs. But since again, we don't have cable TV at home, I just rely most on the net especially that I work in the corporate office and accessible to the computer.

Now that Valentine's day is fast approaching, I was able to search in the net what would be possible giveaway from my boss. I came a cross this website, It is base in the Philippines and as far as my memory can remember, the owners of this crafts company are siblings. Anyway, visit their site to give you a whole array of their perfect giveaways for any occasions and I'll tell you they'll give your orders safe by their packaging and in my experience, I received my items in very good condition and and feel satisfied. As a customer, I will recommend and will return to them to purchase their cute stuff. You can never go wrong with them.

Have a romantic Valentine's to all!

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