Friday, 3 February 2012

Mr. Grenda

You don't know him. But his employees knows him a lot. I didn't know him either until I came across an article today at Yahoo website. His name is Ken Grenda, a 79 year old man who runs a family-owned business for 66 years, decided to give portion of his income to his employees out of generosity. The article entitled "Aussie bus boss gives $15 million bonus to staffstruck my attention thus blogging it. I hope every employer would come to read about this. It's a reminder that what the financial status of a company depends on its workers. The people behind the operation of the company doesn't run because of the owner. The owner finances and makes plans. But its employees do these plans and make it happen. Employers must commend their employees by doing raise or bonus, acknowledge their job well done and encourages them to do good in their craft. In that way, as employees, they are encouraged and do their best not only for their company but for their personal life as well. People work because of financial reasons. That's the fact. Only a few do their work because they love their work not because of money. If you, as employer, knows how to listen, sensitive enough and takes good care of your employees, you will have a trustworthy, loyal and diligent worker thus putting your company in a good shape. Not only that, you will have good points from up above. For more information of this article, please visit this link:

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