Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Walk to Remember

This week had been a joyful week for me and my husband since our baby Mariella, who's turning 1 this month, had a few steps already. I can see in her eyes that she's quite afraid to walk by herself because she would resist to stand still while preparing her to walk. She would cry and long to be hold. But this morning was quite a surprise. She could walk almost 8 steps and when she reaches our hand she would hug us. What a delight!

What a joy when you see your child in her beginnings. I am happy that me and my husband is there for her to guide her and we are the ones who are hands on on her growing years. I never felt as equally as happy as I am now seeing my child in her firsts: smile, sound, talk, walk and kisses and hugs. These are very precious and I could not explain in words but to feel warmth and contentment seeing myself in her. Mariella is such a joy and a medicine to stress.

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