Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Melts in the Mouth Macarons

I've seen and read from renowned mommy, lifestyle and foodie bloggers about this french macarons that I've become curious about. Not until my ever generous and beloved boss gave me a box of this delectable piece of haven that I'll be sharing with my officemates. The packaging itself is love at first sight. More so when the food jewels were unraveled to me right in front my very delighted eyes.

 photo IMG_20140506_144305_zpsd790630f.jpg

 photo IMG_20140506_145153_zps03843b14.jpg

 photo IMG_20140506_145203_zpsc363f3f9.jpg

I've never tasted a local version of this. One of my officemate said she was able to try a similar pastry as this in French Baker here in SM Lanang Premier. But the sweetness is overboard. When she tasted this, she liked the sweetness as the filling melts in the tongue. The rich chocolate filling is very smooth and the dough is not crumbling. I love how velvety the filling and the combination of the softness of the dough. Each color has different twist of flavor. But the chocolatey goodness is constant. I don't know how much a box of this but I bet it's a bit pricier because of the brand itself. #chocolate #frenchmacarons #sweettooth


  1. i hope someday i have a chance to buy this to rainbow looms that I wanted to have..eheheh..visiting girl

  2. thats look so delicious, i wish i could give Macarons for my wife when Valentine's Day

  3. alam ko na ano papasalubong ko sayo next na visit ko dyan.. hehehe.. :)

    1. Hi Juvv! Wow, pasalubong? Actually ako lang lumamon sa share ko na yan. DOn't mention to Marlon,,hehehe... Cge text me when ka visit dito ha? With or without the macarons, meet ulit tayo,,hehehe...


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