Friday, 23 May 2014

Lose Stomach Fats Naturally in Two Weeks

I tried, conquered and won. It's about discipline and focus. God's image and likeness for me is a being chubby person. I accepted that long before I even am conscious of my body structure. I don't hate it at all. I embrace my body the way it is. I'm not yearning to be skinny trimmed like models in the catwalk and print ads. I just want to be proportionate in every part of my body plus the baby fats. I only have a concern about my body posture that reflects a stooped back and a bulging stomach and belly. All else I can manage. I tried losing some weight before and actually I did it. But many where not happy to see me in the new me. They saw me as if I'm sick. I tried eating healthy and run on the thread mill. That's when I said to myself, I won't change the entirety of my body lest give it just a proportion.

I am petite in structure so I thought being slim without the fats would look like I'm very little, skin and bones, worst, sick. I'm not dreaming to have that packs in the abdomen and to have muscles in my arms. No. I just want that unwanted fats to get rid the area of my stomach and belly and my back to get straightened having a good posture. I know for when I'll succeed on achieving them this will boost my self-confidence and lessen my insecurities.

So without further ado, my secret to losing fats on my abdomen area for about two weeks with obvious results is by drinking green tea and warm/hot water. I mean by warm/hot water, I avoided drinking cold water anymore. I don't have an active and healthy lifestyle with me plus my metabolism is slow, thus, there's no way I can burn my stored calories, carbo, sugar, fats on everything I eat during the day. So by drinking hot/warm liquid in my system, it will help dissolve stored elements inside my body not to mention that I get to release them by constant urination. It's no secret to every one that green tea is an antioxidant and is a good source of 'caffeine'. Chinese and Japanese alike have good skin and glow. It's not only because of their genes and hereditary reasons but because they simply drink green tea which is a staple in every meal they have and helps replenish toxins inside our body.

 photo IMG_20140523_140110_zpsde372c89.jpg
I love how mild this brand of green tea suits my taste buds and stomach.
Other brands I tried like Lipton, Susan Baker and Twinning's give a strong
kick that I dislike both in my throat and stomach.

By the way, when I drink tea I usually pair it by drinking lots of water. I read somewhere that drinking tea too much or alone can cause brittleness of the bones. Same with calcium. Too much of it can make ones bones brittle so water to the rescue. As the saying goes too much of everything can harm you. Moderation is the key.

Exercise, eating the right amount and kind of food plus a healthy lifestyle will completely pave way to a healthier you and an active proportionate body.


  1. thanks for this info the tea.. :)

  2. oh yes, so true, prob with me, I want different flavors every now and then, ayan dami ko ng stock sa bahay. hehehe
    and yes, lukewarm water is the best.. kaso can't help drinking cold water lately, ang init kasi sooobra.. haay..

  3. Hi Juvvs! Yes, indeed true! pero I have a long way to go pa. Not bad at all 'coz I felt a slight difference...hehehe... before I dislike drinking tea talaga ksi hindi sya masarap. But when I tried a japanese tea na may roasted rice, ang bango and very mild to taste kaya ako na entice to take it daily, several times a day pa talaga,,hehehe....

  4. hi Donna, gayahin ko to hehehe,, may sugar ka ba nilalagay? how many times in a day ka umiinom ng green tea? sobrang problem ko ang tummy portion ko. thanks sa info :)

  5. Hi Ms. Gidday! I put nothing. Plain tea bag lang submerged in hot water. With the green tea I drink 1 mug maybe 3-4 cups in a day.. usually after lunch and thereafter.. I read pa an article that in the morning drink water with lemon. It has several health benefits. I will try that too. I forgot where I read it. I just stumble upon it on an e-magazine. I think I shared it on my twitter.. Don't expect instant weight reduction. But if you couple it with healthy eating and exercise, mas faster talaga and mas toned ang body.


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