Monday, 19 May 2014

Masking It Out

Inspired by Maan of Mom meets World and a dose of reminders to all the moms out there.

The recent weeks has been a series of Pedia check-ups, laboratory tests and medications for my 2 toddler girls because of fever and flu. Not to mention right after their medication and all I saw some rashes in their body until now but not that worst compared to last week. Here in our city, the past few weeks has been an irritating situation because of the long constant blackouts coupled with a very hot humid summer weather. The continuous sweating and the hot season ended my children to experience sickness. The 'housemate' came home from her province and brought the infection. She has cough and I have a heavy heart knowing the virus/bacteria will be circulating around our house. And I worry that my kids will catch the virus. Eventually it did. Being the OC mother that I am, I always have available disposable mask (I have a box of it) whenever somebody is not feeling well. I always let the sick person wear the mask the whole time whenever he/she is inside the house especially if he/she sneezes. I am not considerate on this because it's a must for me. In this way, I prevent spending hundreds of bucks for medicines by wearing a mask. It shouldn't be that difficult huh! It's a bit discomfort but a little sacrifice would save me and my children from money and sickness, right muthers?

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Maan from Mom meets World

I'm also the person who believes in the saying that prevention is better than cure. I am the prevention and my hubby is the cure. We always fight about that. I'm a risk averse person when it comes to cases like this. I always have a bottle of Vitaman C that my hubby and my 2 'housemates' take so that they will not be easily get a flu. (I have a separate multivitamins that I always take as my OB-Gyne told me to still continue taking even if I'm not pregnant).

Lately, we experience again unpredictable weather. During the day it is scorching hot while as the day progresses and during the night it rains. I love that it rains because it means power interruption here in our region will be most unlikely na. But I don't want abrupt change of weather because it will be prone to catching different air borne disease or virus. But since we can't control these bad elements to hit us, better mask it out before it spreads to our loved ones, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water like 8 to 12 glasses a day, fuel your body by eating nutritious food and don't forget to take extra multivitamins to support your body to fight against diseases. #disposablemask #fightagainstsickness


  1. Oh my gosh my face! Hahaha. Kidding aside, a lot of people are getting sick pala due to the weather. I hope you and your family are okay na!

  2. i agree with you..sometimes people think about it as OA, but doing this to spare us from spending more of our money to medicines is always a wise idea.


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